9 Oct 2010

New Features in Microsoft Office 2010

Earlier I had published a small review on the look and feel of MS Office 2010. Though the detailed features and benefits can be learned from the Microsoft site itself, I will focus on some cool features that i have learnt newly and can help you optimally use the suite better.
Microsoft Word
The new Office 2010 has come up with not just enhancement in interface but brought along a lot of changes in terms of flexibility and usage. Normally in Office 2003, you would require a separate add-in to be installed for writing and publishing to blogs. In the latest version 2010, they have integrated the very option to blog right from your Office Word.
  1. Select new to create a new file
  2. Register and login to your blog site
  3. Write the blog, publish it

5 Oct 2010

Run un-trusted applications securely

Most of the time, you install a third party application and take the risk of running it on your Operating System without knowing the consequences. In most of the cases, the application may be genuine in nature and may not cause any harm to your operating system.


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