26 Nov 2013

Hack any Android game - Method 1

There a quite a few tools in the Android world, that can help you hack the coins/ money or scores to whatever value you want. Many of you would question if its legal, if it will hamper the phone etc and so on. So this post is basically for those who do not want to spend money on buying coins or health. The tool(s) which I am going to use require root, if you already have..you can proceed.

Note: This tutorial is prepared for educational purposes only! I'm not responsible for whatever risk you take in hacking any applications.

Hack Method 1:


Please ensure that the below prerequisites are met before proceeding:
1) Phone should be rooted
2) Download a software called Game Killer. (Download it from the link provided below)
3) Select a game you wish to hack.

There are other tools like GameCIH, GameGuardian etc which works similarly but i prefer Gamekiller for obvious reasons. Using these apps, it is very easy to crack. But it can't hack all games, some of the newer version of games will detect and not allow to run a "memory hacking tool" to run while playing the game. For hacking purpose, there should be some "value" like score, distance, coins, money etc. that you can target, so that you can buy game equipment/ accessories, health etc. However it is a bit tricky to hack things like fuel, speed etc which are not number based but visual based. And lastly, you cant hack multi player games and online games as well (of which scores are saved on the game server).

Download Game Killer

Instructions to hack:
1) Open Gamekiller and minimize it. You can see the icon on the top left corner of screen.

Open Gamekiller

2) Now, Open the particular game which you want to hack and start playing.

Start the game
Open the game
Play the game

3) Ensure that you get some value of the parameter on the screen, so that you can search it. 

Here in my example, i have got some coins, which I am searching it.

4) Pause the game in between and click on the Gamekiller icon to bring it up. Find the game coins you have earned (or the thing you want to crack, at that instant)
Open Gamekiller

4) Enter the coins at that instant to the search field (data type: AUTO IDENTIFY). 

Search the value

Now you will get a list of memory locations where the similar value is stored. At the first try, there will be lacks or crores or memory location which has the same value. 
Searching value

Values found

5) Resume the game and play for some time, to increase the coins.
Resume game

6) Open game killer and enter New coin value as search item and search again.

Search new value

Now your search result will be decreased considerably. 

7) Scroll through the memory locations, you will find one or few items with the words mentioned as DWB.
8) Repeat the steps again to limit the search results to minimum 5 or 6 (or maybe 1, your choice)
9) Click on the memory location with DWB, a pop up will appear, with the current value of the coin.

Open the memory location

10) Tap at the value field, and change it to whatever value you want to change. 
Change the value and click Ok. You will see the change in the value in the memory location.

Modify the value

Modified value
11) Now play again and ensure that you get few more coins. 
Get few more coins

Coins increased

12) Now you will see the value of the coin updated. 
Proof of coin increase

Score and coins increased

You can go over the above steps over and over again, when you feel like recharging yourself.

Note: Sometimes you will find that there are more than one memory location to store the score. Of these sometimes one or few of them is the actual location to store the score and others are just dummy values. You can patch each of them and try. However the safest bet is to patch all these entries to crack the game. It's a Trial and error method.

Tip: You can change all the values of the variables in one go. To do that, when you are at the search results page, tap the menu button to bring up  the Gamekiller settings. Select "Data Control" and "Modify all values"
Punch in the value you want to change and click OK.

Some of the game developers are real geniuses, and they may not store the game score as is. They may encrypt it, do some algorithm to the score and store it on memory, sometimes even they encrypt it. They will try to avoid others from hacking their game. Still they can be hacked (well almost all). Its a trail and error method. I cannot explain for every game, and this is just for educational purposes to hack simple games. If you still want to learn that, comment below.

P.S. Apologies for the wrong color codes, seems i have used a wrong encoder while taking snapshot.

Latest tip: You can use GameGuradian or GameKiller if you want to hack the "Keys" in Subway surfer. Posting video for same soon.


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