22 Nov 2013

Smudge faces on photos

There are many a times, when you would feel like hiding peoples faces from a photograph. One of the simple tool that we can use is the MS Paint, which is the one of the default image processing tool in Windows.

So lets see, how we can do it in the below video.

Step 1: Select the image
Browse the image, right click on it and select Edit, which will open the image in MS Paint.

Step 2: Choose a shape
Select a convenient shape (rectangle, circle, ellipse etc) from Shapes section.
Here i have chosen a rectangle for simple reasons.

Step 3: Select the right color
Select a color that will suit the nearby area in Color 1.
To fill the rectangle, select a color under the second Color 2.

Step 4: Smudge it
Draw the rectangle, and select the fill options by clicking on the Fill. You can try choosing each one of the options until you are satisfied with one.

There you are...short and simple.


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