24 Jul 2010

When security bites..

I have been using Bit Defender Total Security 2010 for the last one year now and did not have a single problem.Except for the compatibility issue due to up-gradation to Windows 7, which was later phased out in 2010 edition, there has no problem on my laptop. And why not, the resource utilization is mild, interface is clean and very effective enough. No matter, it is the best antivirus of the year (read here).

There is a Beta version which got released just recently, for which you need to register to get it. I could not just get the same installed on my laptop, maybe coz an earlier version is still installed on the machine. However, i was looking at one of the beta testing videos of Bit defender 2011, it was an awesome tool. So light, fast and clean interface... i just loved it. However, i came to know of some other malware softwares which are used widely.
Then i come to think of it!! I said, my Bit defender has a malware protection but is it enough?

So i downloaded this Malware Bytes from the internet, and scanned the seemingly perfectly fine machine..
Oh my gosh!!! I saw a dozen of malwares being detected, which were left undetected by even the nest claimed antivirus!!!

 I then, keep reminding myself that.. security is not an issue with the tool, but with the mindset.
Security is a relative term... I have learnt my lesson in time, before any damage could be done.
When are you auditing your machine?

18 Jul 2010

Symantec Antivirus woes

Symantec might have done wonders in the field of Technology and has a big market in providing Antivirus softwares. But to my amazement,a flaw in the software Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) software has been discovered. An application would throw up an "I/O resource overlap" error whenever SEP was running. So what is a resource error?


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