16 Mar 2008

Project in Baroda

I am going to Baroda for a months time for my project. Will be in Mumbai in Apri for a weeks training. So i guess this will be my last post for time being. M glad m traveling to a new place with my fren, will get to explore new place,new people, new experience. Had not traveled for a long time.. Hope my stay will be fin there.
Adios amigos

14 Mar 2008

Unlimited things you can do on Gtalk

I came up with this new method to listen to radio in Gtalk. I was so excited. I can even change and select channels, make conference rooms,call someone on mobile or phone (charges applicable) and many more things. This is coming true with the help of VOIP (Voice over internet protocol).
There are unlimited things you can think of with that.. send SMS, call landline,mobile, Yahoo users, AIM users or any IM users online, call from landline to Gtalk , listen to radios worldwide, redirect your calls on websites to your mobile fone, customer support of websites from mobile or landlines, (work from home eh!) , call toll free numbers from Gtalk free etc and lotss more.
Check out the site http://gtalk2voip.com

Amazing clarity of radio too. Try it out following the steps given in the site. Have fun then folks

12 Mar 2008

Insomnia again!!

I tried hard not to be awake but in vain.Maybe its the thousand thoughts i have in mind about the near future or the remembrance of my school that kept me awake till this odd hour . Made many plans..or call it thoughts about the future. Life has not been hard on my part,yet i am wide awake as if i need a reason to be awake.Scratching my head over and over again, i thought it might be a good time to write my blogs. Thoughts came pouring in when i was in bed,but believe me when i began writing this blog....i have to think twice what it was all about. Maybe they were all just plans and dreams i had all these time!

I thought of saving money monthly and donate some of it to school as developmental funds.
Thought of taking loan and start looking for a nice home. Thought of those many people from whom i can borrow money to lend someone for his urgent needs. Thought of those savings certificate schemes and bonds which i can invest on. Maybe coz i am not much financially sound,i am making such stupid thoughts and plans about my future! Maybe thats what other people also do naturally ...an instinct for survival...or maybe for a good life. Eventually i realised that there are so many possibilities i can do in life. Lets see what time decide, whats best for me!

7 Mar 2008

Women's Empowerment - Women's Day

A few minutes ago i had went to SBI ATM center in Infotech Park,Pune which was a walking distance from my hostel on my roommate's bike. I did not want to walk till the ATM in the warm evening weather so i took his bike. I parked the vehicle before the ATM whose parking area was not necessarily demarcated. I thought it will take 5 mins and ill go away. Suddenly this tow away truck came and i had to rush to the bike breaking the ATM line. The tow away guys told me to meet the officer at the front.

I went at the front seat to see a woman sitting there. Her complexion darkened by the daily visits in the city, and seemed warming lady. I told her its just a matter of 5 mins ma'am and above that there was no demarcation line telling till where the parking space was but she did not listen. She asked my driving license, then PUC and then the vehicles certificates just to make me at guilt. I showed the former two but didn't carry the vehicles license so i told her its in room there. She asked me to pay 250 directly and i was shocked. What misfortune it was i thought, caught before the ATM itself where i cant deny having no money. After some bargaining she told me 200 final.

I saw no more point in arguing with her and she meant business so asked her to wait. As i took our the money from ATM, the ATM receipt showed something like this..
"Women's Day: 8th march
Survival to success: Celebrate her life"

Oh yeah! Happy Women's Day indeed.

Rambo man and local grandmas

When i woke up this morning...feeling lazy to wake up..i lay there in bed thinking of small incidents in school when something got my attention! There was this Rambo man who used to come everyday and sell pictures of Rambo,actors and movie posters at a nominal price. He yells at the top of his voice and did attract a lot of children's attention... Ramo... rambo...

He would come early morning before the school assembly and then back during break and he still was there when the school ends. This was quite a pain in the neck for the local aboks (grandmas [plural] in manipuri) who sold food items nearby. They used to scold him everyday saying that he snatches poor childrens money, which their parents give for food items. One day, one of the local abok got so pissed at him and threw the dirty waters of the drench nearby and told him to go. There was a series of scoldings that followed and poor rambo man was standing there like a defeated war hero..listening to them. We felt bad for him. They were angry at him for no reason we thought.

I felt bad for rambo man that time in school days because i knew that the local aboks wanted him out so that they can earn more for a living. I was angry at the aboks thinking that it was our choice of preference that we buy his posters..he didn't drugged us to buy them! Some of the children even shouted at the aboks for doing so. But then i realized that they all are fighting for one thing - money for a living! I knew how it feels to be rejected....and if you are rejected from your way of earning a living how will you feel? I felt bad for them all when i was a child.

This morning...i could actually see their faces so distinctly. It was as if i was dreaming and i had drifted back in time to witness all those incidents before my own eyes again. I could see his eyes...red and swollen from the treatment of local aboks. The aboks, leaning a bit due to their age..were still yelling at him and telling the children not to buy from him as it wont fill their stomach. Some children were still asking for new movie posters, some asking for rambo, and some for posters of arnold. It was quite a spectacle.It was a fight for real... a fight for power... a fight for ones living...a fight for their lives. No matter why, rambo man returned back after some days. He had already decided his fate.... i guess i did hear him say, when he was leaving after the brawl," i'll be back" like arnold.

4 Mar 2008

The art of cheating

Cheating is an art, for those who don't believe me. You ought to persuade the other person to believe in you no matter what, at the cost of something you can afford. Its like invading someones mindset and extracting things out of him and making him do what you wish him to do. Cheating needs a lot of hard work and intelligence, and trying not to be cheated even harder. I have heard about people who cheat in exams. They have different methods of copying and strange methods which one normally would not have come up with.

A person was telling me how to mug up India map in Geography in school days so as to save time drawing it. He used a binding wire (wires used for binding metal rods in a construction site) to make the India maps outline and brought it in his pocket bended in some fashion. He have to unfold it during exam time, draw the outline and then throw it away or just deform it so that even if caught none will suspect. How could one imagine of such a simple solution which would have taken at least 10 mins in drawing the outline? With that he could save time by drawing in a jiffy. Thats intelligence, thats the way people thinks smartly,though it may be wrong.

In another incident,a person was writing notes for exam in a long paper. It was so long that i told him,he will anytime be seen taking it out and get caught.It was at least the length of an A4 size paper and some 1 and 1/2 inches wide. Imagine what he might have done? He folded the paper evenly throughout the length many times alternately (left and right), till the size of the paper was small enough to fit in the palms. He then wrote the notes horizontally on each smallest fold of paper alternately -back and forth. That way he could hold it in his palms a whole book. He can even turn the pages with a single thumb -back and forth so easily. I was amazed at his wits. So simple and yet effective!

Yet in another incident, i saw this man did a clean job. He pasted some big list of table on a "Stick it" note (notes used to stick on walls for reminder), folded it in small piece and took with him in pocket. When the answer paper came,he took chance and sticked it to one of the inside page of the answer sheet. So when the invigilator came and searched for anything, he was clean. later he jotted down those points on the backside of the answer sheet like a rough work and then disposed it off into his own pocket. Maybe he didn't want to leave any evidence whatsoever! That was cool technique.

In all these cheating, though it may be wrong to do so; those people had the guts to do so. They also have a fear of getting caught but they value the note more than deciding to write on their own and take the risk. Can they be called entrepreneurs (LOL)? Different people have different methods and techniques of their own to make their life more easy going. Even if the step they take is wrong, they take the risk of doing it by choice. These people can tackle a problem in the way they wish to...they have a thinking process quite different from others..out of the box.
Hats off to you guys?

N.B: I am not encouraging anyone to cheat or use unfair means in any sort of exams. I value the way they think in tackling a problem out of the box and thats what i meant.

2 Mar 2008

My travel itenary :)

One of the most interesting thing in my life is a surprise travel itenary. I will be moving to Baroda for my project work soon and planning to go home for a week for some good time together with family. My brother and sister are also coming home for annual ritual of my late grandpa so, i have to be there too. Here's my itenary,though its as much strange and unpredictable as I am now. Coz ill have to ask permission from my external mentor for the visit.

Itenary :
25th March - Train/ flight from Baroda to Delhi
26th March - Train to Rooorke
26th March - 28th March - Stay in Rookee with sister and have great kababs available there :)
29th March - flight to Imphal
29th march - 4th April - Enjoy at home with family
5th April - Flight to Delhi
6th April - Delhi to Baroda by train or flight

I am so excited ...planning to have momos,chicken at OK hotel, parties with friends everyday. Cool plan eh! Will then go for shopping at Chinese electronics market and try out latest gadgets and equipments there, buy lots of DVD movies. Lets see what lies in store for me in March/April!! It all depends on the permision. So stay tuned..

Changing the calling tones in Gtalk

This is one of the most interesting hacks in Gtalk which i recently did. You have nothing to do but use a software called "Resource hacker" to hack the googletalk.exe file you have installed in the system.
  1. Open googletalk.exe in Resource Hacker.
  2. Expand the WAVE tree.
  3. Open the last WAVE file 126 and then "0"
  4. Open Action> button and click on "Replace other resources"
  5. Open the file you want to replace the normal WAV file with.
  6. Click replace and close it
  7. Save it (make sure you haven't opened Gtalk in the system tray also)
You can also change the Bitmap files in Gtalk from the Bitmap folder seen in resource hacker. Try it out yourself. You can find other resources and hacks at http://www.customizetalk.com

Courtesy: Customizetalk.com


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