7 Mar 2008

Women's Empowerment - Women's Day

A few minutes ago i had went to SBI ATM center in Infotech Park,Pune which was a walking distance from my hostel on my roommate's bike. I did not want to walk till the ATM in the warm evening weather so i took his bike. I parked the vehicle before the ATM whose parking area was not necessarily demarcated. I thought it will take 5 mins and ill go away. Suddenly this tow away truck came and i had to rush to the bike breaking the ATM line. The tow away guys told me to meet the officer at the front.

I went at the front seat to see a woman sitting there. Her complexion darkened by the daily visits in the city, and seemed warming lady. I told her its just a matter of 5 mins ma'am and above that there was no demarcation line telling till where the parking space was but she did not listen. She asked my driving license, then PUC and then the vehicles certificates just to make me at guilt. I showed the former two but didn't carry the vehicles license so i told her its in room there. She asked me to pay 250 directly and i was shocked. What misfortune it was i thought, caught before the ATM itself where i cant deny having no money. After some bargaining she told me 200 final.

I saw no more point in arguing with her and she meant business so asked her to wait. As i took our the money from ATM, the ATM receipt showed something like this..
"Women's Day: 8th march
Survival to success: Celebrate her life"

Oh yeah! Happy Women's Day indeed.


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