14 Mar 2008

Unlimited things you can do on Gtalk

I came up with this new method to listen to radio in Gtalk. I was so excited. I can even change and select channels, make conference rooms,call someone on mobile or phone (charges applicable) and many more things. This is coming true with the help of VOIP (Voice over internet protocol).
There are unlimited things you can think of with that.. send SMS, call landline,mobile, Yahoo users, AIM users or any IM users online, call from landline to Gtalk , listen to radios worldwide, redirect your calls on websites to your mobile fone, customer support of websites from mobile or landlines, (work from home eh!) , call toll free numbers from Gtalk free etc and lotss more.
Check out the site http://gtalk2voip.com

Amazing clarity of radio too. Try it out following the steps given in the site. Have fun then folks


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