29 Jul 2014

Hack Kardashian game (Android)

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game" is an addictive game, where you are introduced as a struggling actor initially. It is like a game based on real life, and as you advance more stages, you can have fan followers, buy homes, date your friends etc. Here I will provide you some tips, cheats and a simple hack for scores and energy.

Caution: This post is for educational purpose only. You only will be responsible for any action taken on your device, following the steps mentioned in this blog.

24 Jul 2014

Hack power in "Bad Roads" using GameKiller

Using Game Killer, a memory hack tool; you can hack power or stats in Bad Roads.
Watch video and enjoy... Should you have any queries, please comment

Hack power in "Ninja Jump"

Using Freedom tool on Rooted device, you an remove Ads and buy unlimited power at no cost for Ninja Jump.

Hack coins and stats in "Striker Soccer 2"

In order to do this hack, your Android device needs to be rooted and have Freedom tool installed. Watch and enjoy

23 Jul 2014

Remove unwanted page from home screen in JB

In Android Jelly Bean, for some devices, you face issue while trying to remove a page in home screen. Following these steps, you can remove the unwanted page.

Hack coins in "Hill Climb Racing"

You need to have a rooted device with Freedom tool installed. Using Freedom tool, you can hack unlimited coins in "Hill Climb Racing". Check the video out.

Hack credits and money in 'Voxel Rush"

Using Freedom tool, one can buy credits and money in Voxel Rush, which I am going to show today. Basically this Freedom tool can assist in hacking any Android game to provide a free card instead of any real card which emulate the buying process.

Hack coins in "Daddy was a Thief" using Freedom tool

This is for rooted users only, with Freedom tool installed on the device. This simple hack using Freedom tool will help you get unlimited coins in the game.

Enjoy the hack, and comment in case you have any questions.

Hack keys in Subway surfer

This hack is incontinuation to my earlier video on hacking coins in Subway Surfer. If you have missed it, you may see it here. In Subway Surfer, keys are used to revive your life for one more time..the more advanced the stage, the more keys it require.

Hack "Bike Mayhem" items using Freedom

Starting a video series of games hacks that are short and self explanatory. Hope you will enjoy the first video of the hack series, using Freedom tool which can be used to buy game goodies without spending actual money.

20 Jul 2014

Mandatory Backup tools for Rooted user

If you are a rooted user on Android, these kinds of tools are mandatory to have, to enjoy a peace of mind.
Basically, these tools have saved me a significant trouble by enabling me to restore to earlier "good working" condition in a few mins of time. Inside just a matter of few clicks, the whole system is restored and device is fully functioning again, as if nothing ever happened.

19 Jul 2014

Android tips and tricks - Part two

This is second part in continuation to my earlier post here. Are you tired of entering your lock password on a regular basis? Wouldn't it be nice if all the locks be disabled, when you reach home or workplace? Here we will show some appllications that are of convenience to users, and Xposed framework and its modules.

Google account password can be changed by anyone using your Android phone

As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention. In dire circumstances, even a feature which was provided to convenience the user could prove to be harmful for another. Recently, a reddit user has posted story of his son resetting the password of his Google account using his phone to buy an app from the Play store.

Block unwanted App and Game Requests on Facebook

I have seen so many people sweaing with regards to the app and game requests they get on Facebook. I offer them few steps, whenever I find time. The main question remains, why you get app request despite telling them not to send?

Redesign any website using TOMODO

Have you ever wanted a chance to redesign Facebook, Twitter or Flickr page? Well guess what, you got it.
There is a webapp called Tomodo that allows you to redesign the interface of the website at your end.

Fix "Windows not responding" problem

One of the most common problem in Windows that we are could see is the one which shows “windows explorer has stopped working”. This would be sometimes really frustrating and hang the whole system.

17 Jul 2014

Android tips and tricks - Part one

There are a lot of things you can do with your Android phone, from basic to advanced levels. Listing down a few of the tips and tricks.

16 Jul 2014

Control Data Usage on your Android phone

Any smartphone user would be storing most of the content online via cloud computing using utilities like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Most of them are now morre social with facebook, twitter and other social networking sites, which means more data usage. If you have limited data plans, you have to either control or decrease the data usage by tweaking some apps os settings.

Take Android phone backup without rooting

One of the top queries by friends and acquaintances, is how to take full backup of the phone without rooting it ! Backing up of your android device is the only way to be safe from any disaster. However many of the users do not want to root their phone, and yet dont know how to just take full backup. In this article I will show you the steps to take a full backup without rooting.

15 Jul 2014

Unlimited app in-purchase using Freedom tool

Even if a game comes for free, it doesn’t mean that it won’t cost you. Most of the games provide "goodies", which can be used to add/ enhance the game prospect (eg coins, credits, health etc). Google has released an in-app–buy (making a purchase from within the mobile program) alternative for its Android os working system, so users of those devices may use it whenever required. Hence this is one tool which is a savior for game lovers, when you are in need of assistance of some energy ups, coins or wellness without spending money.

Caution: This post is for instructional purpose only. You are responsible for any consequence which you bring on your phone.

Hacking tools and Apps for Android

I have been posting articles on hacking android apps and games, but never cross my mind to have introduced the in the first place. You can do awesome stuff with Android when your smartphone is rooted. I am listing down here a collection of apps and tools that will take your Android smartphone experience to whole new level.

Caution: This post is for educational purpose only. You are responsible for any consequence that you bring on your phone.


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