16 Jul 2014

Take Android phone backup without rooting

One of the top queries by friends and acquaintances, is how to take full backup of the phone without rooting it ! Backing up of your android device is the only way to be safe from any disaster. However many of the users do not want to root their phone, and yet dont know how to just take full backup. In this article I will show you the steps to take a full backup without rooting.

What's the need of using Backup?
There are numerous things that we store on the phone; for example account details , bank details, addresses, photos etc. To even believe of losing the data will likely be a nightmare for any user. You need to hence take the phone backup on your Laptop or PC as regularly as you can. Some of the most important ones you need to take backup are the:
  1. Important contacts, emails, reminders, calendar
  2. Account details, internet settings, wifi passwords etc
  3. SMS and call logs
  4. Backup of apps and games
  5. Backup of songs, videos, photos
  6. Backup of Playlist, dictionary and customize system setting
 How can I take a full Backup without Rooting?
For all those who don’t wish to root their device, you can take backup through Helium app. You can find it in Google Playstore here. For rooted users, there are many apps like Titanium backup, Nandroid Backup etc. Helium app helps you to easily simply take the back-up of your Android phone. It is strongly advised to use Helium app and Google Sync Service together to achieve the effective and full backup effortlessly Android os Backup.

Helium app is available for Android 4.0 or later and comes in two alternatives- free version and the premier version (check in Aptoide).

Step by step precedure
  1. First download and install it on the Phone as well as PC. 
  2. Make sure you've got the USB debugging option chosen, if not then go to the Setting->About Phone->Developer options->click USB debugging mode and make it on and save it. 
  3. Once done, connect the PC and phone via USB cable.
  4. Start the Helium application. You'll see all the installed apps and other settings in its interface with 2 choices in it – Restore and Backup, which you will also see on the PC.
  5. On the backup screen, select the components you want to take backup.
Backup option
Restore option

You have the flexibility to even organize the backups in folders of apps, game, SMS, etc
Using Helium you can hence create the App Sync, Backup application and a full Android back-up easily without rooting.

If you have any queries, please comment.


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