19 Sep 2014

Use Android phone as Wifi repeater

Have you often felt that you are out of wifi range, when you decide to take your laptop in the following area or garden? Maybe their router doesn't cover the whole of your home, and you feel the need to extend the range. There are lots of ways to extend the Routers range, however one way you can extend is by making use of your Android device as one Wi-Fi repeater, also known as a Wi-Fi extender.

Yes, you heard it right. Your Android device picks up the Wi-Fi signal, and repeats this particular signal, so your Wi-Fi is extended over a greater length. You can then tap into our repeated signal, via another device particularly your PC/ laptop.However this trick does require a rooted device.

Important note: Please make a note in your understanding, the difference between Tethering employing a Wifi hotspot and Wifi extender. Wifi hotspot is an option given to access the internet by using the mobile data and not Wifi. If your turn on the Wifi hotpsot, you will not be able to use the Wifi and vice versa. Be aware that your particular carrier may charge a fee for making use of on your
device’s hotspot feature, so continually check your contract.

This step by step turorial will show you how in order to use your Android device as a Wi-Fi extender, even if you dont have a rooted phone.

1. Download tool
Download fqrouter2 from here. It is an tool that may help to turn your Android device into a Wi-Fi extender. If fqrouter2 prompts you to update to a newer version, proceed with the instructions to ensure you’re running the ideal version.

2. Enable Wifi
Check your device’s Wi-Fi is on and connected. Then, launch the fqrouter2 app, and scroll down to the Wifi Repeater section. Disable the Wifi p2p (works on most phones).

3. Tailor signal details
Tap the Config button and customize your repeated signal. Enter a new name for your signal and change the password you use to access it. Once you’re happy with your changes, tap Save. You’re now ready to start using it frequent signal!

4. Test signal
Place your Wi-Fi extender to the test by using a second device to perform a search for nearby Wi-Fi. You should spot the signal that’s being repeated by your android os smartphone or tablet. Connect to this repeated signal, and check that the internet is now available on your 2nd device.

5. Use usb or bluetooth inside tether it
You can use tether options for USB or Bluetooth to access the Wifi via the android device as well.


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