19 Sep 2014

Some less known smart tools / gadgets

I am a gadget freak, always ready to try out new things in the market. Off late i have been using some of them, which i like and would like to share. Below are few of the tools, which i use regularly.

1) 5-in-one 3g Wifi router

You can read more about it and buy it from here.

Function One: Mobile Power Bank
It has a built-in 1800mAh Li-polymer battery, and can charge a phone batter fully once. It has over charge/over discharge/short-circuit protection. Just press the battery indicator button , you will know how much battery power left.

Function Two: Mini AP, ADSL access
It has built-in Ethernet port, making the cable broadband convert to WiFi. It could make wired broadband connection automatic, avoiding choosing WAN or LAN access by hand, automatic display ADSL loge in interface, easy to operate.

Function Three: 3G Router, WiFi sharing
You can plugin a 3G dongle and convert it into Wifi and share it with others.

Function Four: Support iPhone 3/4 data package sharing, linked iPhone 3/4 with M1, then share iPhone's data plan with your iPad, notebook. Easy sharing to avoid high battery-consumption of iPhone when being hotspot by itself.

Function Five: Support public WiFi hotspot access (WCDMA),  (CDMA),  (TD-SCDMA)

2) Selfie monopod

You can read more about the product and buy it from here.

If you are fond of travelling like me, it is just not convenient asking locals to take your pictures every time. This selfie monopod is the solution, which can easily be folded and bunged into your travel bag or handbag. Just take your monopod out - aim and shoot.

3) Gorillapod

You can read more about the product and buy it from here.

This is a mobile tripod that is a must have for all those who travel extensively and love capturing places and people. This can be also used for selfies, or as tripods.

But the best part is when i used it for capturing time lapse photo or timed/ scheduled photos.
Who will wake up 5:00Am in the morning to capture the rising sun? Just use the tripod and schedule the photo shoot.


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