6 Sep 2014

The Real Challenge of the Developers - Android

Ever since it's first release, Google android was updated with the new versions and typically all the bugs are fixed and new features are added. At the end of the year of 2009 Google estimated that there would be at least 18 phone models that will use Google android. The additional advantage of Google android is that users are able to work with this and install it even with other operating systems.

Users can install Google android in mobile devices that have other operating system with a little amount of hacking and it ensures limited functionality. Early applications that were developed with Google android had many issues that included bugs, insufficient documentation, absence of system for public tracking and absence of sufficient QA infrastructure. In spite of the faults, applications were seen after the platform was announced. First ever released application-Snake game got a wide support from the users.

Hardware unlocked and sim unlocked device was the android dev phone which was mainly used by the advanced users. Developers can either choose regular end user device to test and use the devices while other developers don't use a retail device for their applications. The Software Development Kit (SDK) Android 0.9 has API that was updated and extended than its older version. Home screen also has some updated attractive design.

However Android SDK 1.0 fixed all the issues with bugs and included small features. Number of mobiles with Android is increasing and this in turn has led to the third party developers to install applications into android operating systems. Some of the most Internet websites think android as most important to create some native applications based upon android. Most popular among them are MySpace and Facebook.


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