26 Sep 2008

Time to Blog!!

Its said that there is time for everything in  life. When you are a child, you keep your hair long and like to rock like hell, freak out like anything, be mischievous and do all those sort of things your heart says. Then you become a teenager and fall in love..and no matter how many people say "love at first sight" , for you it is countless .. you begin to spend time before the mirror more than you sleep.. you dream of all those fairies and angels  around you.. you begin to see X- ray vision of all girls...you sleep less and dream more...
When you become an adult, you tend to loose interest and try to earn money... you become more diplomatic..you try to be sophisticated piece of shit...you begin to shave your mustache even when you love to keep it... life somehow becomes slower and you try to stabilize it...

And here i am...waiting for my boss to spare half an hour to see the monthly review of the projects we had done so far...afternoon becomes evening..evening becomes night. And i thought this is the perfect time to Blog.
Well, i guess..it definitely is a good time to blog and keep up with my own thoughts... some personal space eh!


Its a new concept in the world of internet. I have been stumbling whenever i get time. Its really nice to know and discover new (new to me) sites which would otherwise have been lying there in vain, unnoticed. StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests. Whether it's a
web page, photo or video... you just have to install the plugin for Firefox or the toolbar and just click the button, after registering and providing your interests. I have been seeing nice pictures, as i love fotography. I like the idea the very instant i come to know of it..some months back.

So lets see some nice websites before its too late. Try it out. Happy stumbling ! :)


Its a new concept in the world of internet. I have been stumbling whenever i get time. Its really nice to know and discover new (new to me) sites which would otherwise have been lying there in vain, unnoticed. StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests. Whether it's a
web page, photo or video... you just have to install the plugin for Firefox or the toolbar and just click the button, after registering and providing your interests. I have been seeing nice pictures, as i love fotography. I like the idea the very instant i come to know of it..some months back.

So lets see some nice websites before its too late. Try it out. Happy stumbling ! :)

21 Sep 2008

Sweet Innocent Goddess !!

Ain't she cool ? My sweet lil cousin sister. It was the first time when we actually met after her birth (I was studying outside hometown) and she did not recognize me for the few days. During my short stay at home, i was so tempted to do a foto session so i waited for the day she recognize me as one of her own and not a stranger. She could not speak but would smile a lot and make gestures instead. I had so much fun with her, making gestures to her instead of talking and she would retort back with her own ways. God, she must have grown up by now and must be yelling at her parents, demanding what she wants.. toys..food.. this and that. In the end, after the foto session, i was quite contented with her support in the same.

Parents often have to parade left and right for their ward when they are small. None would like to see his/her child fret and cry.. except when she asks for something that cannot be provided... like an elephant as a pet :) No matter, parents also find the same solace and happiness in seeing their child happy. What other happiness could replace the happiness to see their child .. grow up before their own eyes?

19 Sep 2008

Royally screwed

This is not the first time I was dressed down by my seniors in my workplace. I was supposed to follow up an activity which was beyond my understanding (all new to me) while my senior was supposed to do it. I did not do my homework as i was hesitant on the "sounds new" thing in me.

Later my senior asked the update of the activity, to which i had no answer. He drilled me left and right ...all i had was utter silence..

He later asked me to write down the time lines of the activities i do each day.... from morning smoke to evening snacks!!! Now i was royally screwed...
I tried to laugh to myself...but then a sudden gush of adrenaline colored me with red ( anxiety) and white (with embarrassment).

18 Sep 2008

Dinner Conversation

At a dinner party, one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but
not too wisely.
-W. Somerset Maugham

Courtesy: Quotes

Life Quote

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
Maureen Dowd

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Grass looks greener on the other side

Its rightly said that, grass looks greener on the other side. A person undervalues whatever he posses, and look for a better one. Maybe that's why we try to find a better one each moment, unsatisfied with what he has. There is a small village/town, far off in the Maharashtra- Bangalore border called Satara, where is spent some 5 years. It was love at first sight for me with the place, maybe because i got to learn new things in life and maybe because it was my first time outside of my hometown. However, for the rest, they cursed the God forsaken place like anything and wished to studied in Pune/Mumbai where there was decent crowd. Time took its own course, and i got accustomed to the surrounding. Despite the thousands of curses each day by fellowmen about the place, i was quite happy because of the quite environment. Mahableshwar, Panchagani ...some of India's famous Hill-stations were half an hours journey from my hostel. I used to frequent the place whenever i had the mood too, except for the petrol and extra money for food.

Each passing day, i used to go to college,come back to hostel and thats it. What i like about the place is the small town culture of being down-to-earth nature of the people, despite the fact that they were a bit old fashioned and would warn you if they see you wearing shorts!! It would not matter much to me,as it was quite similar to my hometown Manipur.. the environment, the scenic beauty.. A whiff of the foggy weather in Mahableshwar would refresh everyone's mind, no matter what he had lost in life. there was something magical about the beauty and place. Satara, as a district was large but where i dwelled was rather small. There were three road diversions in the main town center which also had an Effile Tower like "Colgate Palmolive" advertisement.

Satara, as seen on Pune- Banglore highway

There are many places where you can escape from the few but wrongly christened "madding crowd" in Satara. Some of them where one can find solace are...
* Ajikya-tara (old Shivaji's fort)
* Tho-se-garh (wind-farm and waterfall)
* Pratap-garh (in Mahableshwar)
* Mahableshwar (hill station)
* Panchgani (many filmstars had education here)
* Sajjan-garh (top of hill, where you can see the whole of Satara)
* Wai (on the way to Mahableshwar)
* Kas lake
* Sugarcane fields
the list goes endless..

Road to Ajinkyatara

View of Panchgani (Hill station)

The good thing about this place is that, being a small town, things are quite cheaper. One unforgettable thing was Dhabas.. some of the names i remember are..
* Sai Dhaba ( famous for butter chicken and near to hostel)
* Kanse dhaba
* Pankaj dhaba (chicken tandoori)

and all those theatres which i spent watching almost everyday [except for the morning shows :)] Well i guess i am missing the place, i can see the road to Mahableshwar so clearly in my dreams. Even the roads seems so beautiful...lonely, quite and beautiful landscapes.

Road to Mahableshwar through Kas lake

Wish to go there once again and enliven my memories soon. Hope to find a travelling partner for the same soon.

17 Sep 2008

Why do women write more blogs?

This is beyond my understanding why women write more blogs than men, in general!! No , i am not referring to any news or data..its based on my experience. I guess it may be maybe because .........

* they want to talk a lot
* internet is one place where they can share, their inner thoughts without compromising their identity
* she can review her thoughts and feelings later on
* she can talk to herself alone through the blog, even when there is none around
* it gives them a platform to express out their so called " feminism"
* she can ask frens and her BF to refer to the blog, when he seem to have missed the episode in life and would like to hear it but she is not in mood
* she thinks a lot
* she like to nag
* she like to bark . .. oops i mean .... talk a lot without getting embarrassed
* she likes to scream at the top of the world but could not find the time and place to release her anxiety
* she wants to enlighten her hearts burden

Gosh!! God knows about women.. what why, when... oh i guess even God does not have an answer to why he made women! Oh maybe God even could not understand her...
Its like God made men and rested; God made women and never rested. How could He, whatever happens...good or bad.. women always cry out "Oh my God!!" How can then God rest??

Disclaimer: The above post is purely to have fun and does not have any harmful intentions.

Tax and investments

Off late, i have been trying to understand all about different investment options, portfolios and how tax work? Many people do not have a sound knowledge of how tax works and how to save them. Blame it on its complex working and rules. Unlike US where taxes are given one time, in India there are several taxes that we pay. Tax on tax, tax on tax is what we have been witnessing.. However i am still dreaming of having a perfect and balanced investment portfolio that will help me settle down sometime in near future.. where someone will be taking care of my tax and investment worries and i just have to watch it grow... like a banyan tree spreading out its branches from a single seed. I do not wish to express my plans, however i wish to give some tips on taxes here to those who think tax as Greek.

Investment tips
1) Invest in diverse portfolios e.g. Mutual funds, investments, stocks, savings certificates etc
2) Invest regularly. Go for small amount at start but invest regularly for a longer period.. say investing 1000 per month for 10/15 years.
3) Go for annual payment of premiums as it will cost u lesser.
4) To support the annual payment, invest in recurring deposit for a year and at the same time.. enjoy the interests on it
5) Do not confuse Investments with Insurance.. though they seem similar, they are different instruments for different purpose. Investment helps you realize your monetary needs whereas insurance secure you from what you have secured in. eg Life, accidents, death, home etc
6) Do not confuse PRICE with VALUE.
7) Do not fall for something at the price of an instrument or the price it offers you at the end of maturity, think of what value it will be to you!!
8) If you can, invest larger amounts rather than letting it lie idle in your savings accounts.

Chasing dreams

I have been having the same dreams all over again. Sometimes i think that dreams are my feelings coming back to me through life!!


I was thinking hard on what to write on my blog as its quite some time now, since i posted any blog. I then realized that its in my nerves.. to blog even when  i have not much to write down! As if i will be left out of the blogger's community if i dont keep upto the mark. Still i managed to write this down, thought would answer some of your questions

6 Sep 2008


Don't attach yourself to anyone who shows you the least bit of attention because you're lonely. Loneliness is the human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space. The best you can do is know yourself... know what you want.

Courtesy: White Oleander

Love and hatred

Love humiliates you. Hatred cradles you.

Courtesy: While Oleander

3 Sep 2008

What are you doing here?

Every time people ask me what i have done in my academic life, i have honestly mentioned what i had done. Each time, i get the same response, "what are you doing here then dude?". I seem to have misunderstood my own potential ! I do not wish to mention my career line or what i have done, less i get the same response again. Maybe i am in for some change, maybe i am drifted aaway, maybe coz its my first job break that i am still hanging on to it.

Last sunday, when i went for IT exhibition in Goregaon, i talked with a Cisco partner and since then i am thinking of heading for another certificatin course and try somewhere else - where i can feel at home in my work. Its not that i dont like my current job, but i guess i have to forget what i have learnt all these years if i have to stick around. Maybe i should do the CEH course and get certified internationally as the one i have is from an Indian isntitute...i guess my passion for ethical hacking still lingers on.

The zeal of writing blogs however doesnt seem to last long in me, there was a time when i used to get time to think and jot down what was best to my thoughts. Nowadays i think more but express less. Am i being drifted apart between these thoughts? Am i lost?

1 Sep 2008

Work chaos

There are times when i feel i feel a tickle in my eyes. There are times when i laugh like hell. Sometimes i feel like a child to myself, i know what i am doing but then i dont know why i do find hesitation to clarify or persuade someone in work. May i still have to learn a lot of things. At workplace i find many people who do not work much but take the credit and some who work like a donkey and dont get any pat on the back. I am neither of them, i work yet i do not get credit and a few appreciate my work.

I dtill sometimes find myself in chaos not knowing what to do even though i am the one working and someone takes the credit. Sometimes i make mistakes and i get screwed up. Maybe my boss is right when he says that "boss is always right". No matter how much i argue, he will find out a loophole. thats what i am lacking in i guess, i guess will take some time to be a boss of my own.


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