1 Sep 2008

Work chaos

There are times when i feel i feel a tickle in my eyes. There are times when i laugh like hell. Sometimes i feel like a child to myself, i know what i am doing but then i dont know why i do find hesitation to clarify or persuade someone in work. May i still have to learn a lot of things. At workplace i find many people who do not work much but take the credit and some who work like a donkey and dont get any pat on the back. I am neither of them, i work yet i do not get credit and a few appreciate my work.

I dtill sometimes find myself in chaos not knowing what to do even though i am the one working and someone takes the credit. Sometimes i make mistakes and i get screwed up. Maybe my boss is right when he says that "boss is always right". No matter how much i argue, he will find out a loophole. thats what i am lacking in i guess, i guess will take some time to be a boss of my own.


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