3 Sep 2008

What are you doing here?

Every time people ask me what i have done in my academic life, i have honestly mentioned what i had done. Each time, i get the same response, "what are you doing here then dude?". I seem to have misunderstood my own potential ! I do not wish to mention my career line or what i have done, less i get the same response again. Maybe i am in for some change, maybe i am drifted aaway, maybe coz its my first job break that i am still hanging on to it.

Last sunday, when i went for IT exhibition in Goregaon, i talked with a Cisco partner and since then i am thinking of heading for another certificatin course and try somewhere else - where i can feel at home in my work. Its not that i dont like my current job, but i guess i have to forget what i have learnt all these years if i have to stick around. Maybe i should do the CEH course and get certified internationally as the one i have is from an Indian isntitute...i guess my passion for ethical hacking still lingers on.

The zeal of writing blogs however doesnt seem to last long in me, there was a time when i used to get time to think and jot down what was best to my thoughts. Nowadays i think more but express less. Am i being drifted apart between these thoughts? Am i lost?


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