17 Sep 2008

Why do women write more blogs?

This is beyond my understanding why women write more blogs than men, in general!! No , i am not referring to any news or data..its based on my experience. I guess it may be maybe because .........

* they want to talk a lot
* internet is one place where they can share, their inner thoughts without compromising their identity
* she can review her thoughts and feelings later on
* she can talk to herself alone through the blog, even when there is none around
* it gives them a platform to express out their so called " feminism"
* she can ask frens and her BF to refer to the blog, when he seem to have missed the episode in life and would like to hear it but she is not in mood
* she thinks a lot
* she like to nag
* she like to bark . .. oops i mean .... talk a lot without getting embarrassed
* she likes to scream at the top of the world but could not find the time and place to release her anxiety
* she wants to enlighten her hearts burden

Gosh!! God knows about women.. what why, when... oh i guess even God does not have an answer to why he made women! Oh maybe God even could not understand her...
Its like God made men and rested; God made women and never rested. How could He, whatever happens...good or bad.. women always cry out "Oh my God!!" How can then God rest??

Disclaimer: The above post is purely to have fun and does not have any harmful intentions.


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