27 Dec 2013

How-to extend the time limited views of online tv

There are many websites that provide viewing of TV channels online. However, when you are in office and have limited access to all websites, and want to see cricket match online, there are very few channels that provide such a service but with limited time only. This technique will help you extend the time.

25 Dec 2013

How-to create Chrome App and Extension for your Blog or website

Finally, after giving much thought, I published a Chrome app and an extension for this blog on the Google Chrome store. It has been an amazing experience, to know that it is nothing more than a small tweak from what Google has already provided. Even a beginner can write a basic Chrome app and publish it on the Chrome store in less than five minutes.

23 Dec 2013

Many-to-may relationship in Excel

I have been working on a particular job of consolidating cost center wise data of products procured in the past. The problem is that the data is continuous array, separated by commas. The resolution is to first segregate the data first and then show it component wise.

16 Dec 2013

Two ways to reset Windows 7 password

After my popular post on resetting Windows XP password earlier (read it here), this is a post on resetting password for Windows 7. There maybe many other ways to do this, but i am listing down here two methods that are typically easier.

Note: Even though there are no known issues, try it at your own risk

15 Dec 2013

Candy Crush Hack for rooted users

Hack method: 3

How could i forget the hack of the most popular games of all times !! This however, is only for rooted users. For non-root users, you can download and use the modded Candy Crush. To know, how to root an Android phone, read my earlier post here.

Note: I won't be responsible, if you brick your phone, while trying to root. Try at your own risk.

Demo of my application in Android - Gadget Buzz

I have been quite updating on all social medias, to try out my app. I thought a little demo or walk-through would help those who does not have Android or have not installed them.

How to fill blank cells in Excel

Ok heres a quick tip on how to fill blank cells in Excel with zero or NA. Its simple find and replace function in Excel.

Copy the exact formula without shifting range

So you have just entered the SUM formula on 24th row on Excel, and wish to put an AVERAGE formula just below it. If you copy the formula for SUM (fig 1) which is just above it, the range will change automatically (fig 2.)

Sum of visible cells only in Excel

The SUM function in Excel provides the total SUM of all the cells mentioned in the range, be it hidden or not. Now, lets assume that it is the nth version of Excel working and you have hidden many rows, which you found to be irrelevant at that point in time. How will you find the sum of the visible cells only?

Resize your images before upload

I thought I had shared this tip earlier, seems i have missed out a lot of small little tips. I shall be covering them in the days to come. This tip is to reduce the size of bulky images without losing much on the quality, before making an upload to save your bandwidth.

Lesser known shortcuts in Excel

I have been using lots of shortcuts in Excel, and some of them are lesser known to people.
Here's a list, so that  it could improve your productivity more.

Note: Plus sign used here mean "and/ along with" and not the "+" operator

Separate first and last names in Excel

So you have got a list of full names, but require to sort it down by their first names. Excel has given a wonderful tool call "Text to columns", but it may not work all the time, if there a space or a dot or something else. Here is a simple solution to do that using formulas.

Get HTML color code of an image

Ever wondered how you can get the HTML color code of an image you loved ! There are many third-party tools where, there is an color picker to pick the color you like. This trick is to get the RGB codes of an image using MS Paint.

13 Dec 2013

View GIF animations in Windows 7

Level: Intermediate

If you have been playing with Windows 7, you might have observed that animated GIF files does not play animations by default. On the contrary, GIF files will only play in Internet Explorer only. If you think that you set "Windows Photo Viewer" as the default program instead, it still wont work.

Note: Some third-party tools like Irfanview claims to be able to do so.

11 Dec 2013

Calculate the total workdays between two dates in Excel

Level: Advanced

Ever came up with a task of calculating how many work days are there in the current year, but have no clue how to do it. One option is to count in manually, second option is using a function in Excel. If you want to know what a function is, read my earlier post here.

10 Dec 2013

Using formulas, functions and charts in MS Excel

Level: Beginner

This is in continuation to the first introductory post on spreadsheets; if you have missed it, read it here.
The whole intention of writing the Excel tutorial is to enable the use of its functions to manipulate/ massage the data. So skipping all the steps on operating, formatting, templates, styles etc, we leap forward into the use of formulas and functions in Excel.

9 Dec 2013

Introduction to spreadsheets- Part One

Level: Beginner
This is my first part, on an initiative to start introducing my viewers to few of the areas where I have had some experience and learning. Lets start with the understanding, definition and history behind to understand it better.

8 Dec 2013

Speed up your Windows 7 machine

Many of my friends and colleagues, who might have started to use Windows 7 find it to be sluggish and heavy. I would often suggest a few steps, to which they would object, mainly because they have not yet moved out of the Windows XP experience (can you believe it?). They are intimidated by the Windows 7 features like aero peek, windows animations etc but they want to embrace it with the performance of XP !!

Copy protect your Blog - Disable Copy/ Paste

With the increasing number of blogs, social networks and various advancements in technology, it is more increasingly important to secure your blogs from being copied by others. Imagine the time one spends in getting an idea, draft it, test it and probably work on the feed backs of respondents as well. What if all the efforts put in your blog, are copied by some user and puts up in his blog, claiming to be his/ her?

How to create an Android app

Sounds hard and techie to you? Not anymore ! You can not create an Android app on the fly, with a few clicks. There are a number of websites that offer free as well as professional services for developing an Android application online. I have had tried my hand on a few of them, and shall discuss in detail on it.

Schedule your social posts using Hootsuite

Ever thought of expanding and collaborating your social networks, but have to switch often back between the various tools/ sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. A trending social marketing tool in the market is Hootsuite, where you can post simultaneously on multiple sites, or even schedule it.

Creating a drop-down list in Excel

Most of my colleagues in office, often come up asking how to create a drop-down list in Excel.
Seemingly simple though it may be, with more and more functions being embedded in Excel, I even sometimes tend to forget which tools is under which section.

Extract day, month or year in Excel

Many a times, we go though dates given in format DD/MM/YYY in Excel, and struggle to extract out the day, date, month or year. Well fret no more, there is a simple solution / formula that will end the woes.

How to add recommended posts or related posts in Blogger

With the concept of link sharing, feeds, podcasts etc in todays viral marketing, most of the blogging platforms feature a number of third-party plugins that display stories on their blog which are recommended or related to the current post, or even point to other blogs on the Internet.

7 Dec 2013

Hack any Android game - Method 2

Hack Method: 2

I had earlier shared shown how to hack scores/ coins of Android games using GameKiller app, read it here.
Like GameKiller, GameCIH allows you to modify variables of any program you are running.

Note: This tutorial is prepared for educational purposes only! I'm not responsible for whatever risk you take in hacking any applications.


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