8 Dec 2013

How to add recommended posts or related posts in Blogger

With the concept of link sharing, feeds, podcasts etc in todays viral marketing, most of the blogging platforms feature a number of third-party plugins that display stories on their blog which are recommended or related to the current post, or even point to other blogs on the Internet.
Basically these plugins will check at how a story was tagged and then display a short list of similar stories that use the same keywords. One such similar tool we found is LinkWithin , which probably is the coolest one so far. It looks at tags, analyzes other factors like relevance, popularity, and recency. What I personally like about LinkWithin is that, unlike other contenders, it doesn't just display a list of headlines underneath each post, but also a thumbnail with a picture from each post, which makes it far more attractive than most of its competitors.

The plugin is available for Wordpress, Typepad, and Blogger, and LinkWithin will provide a code snippet that you can use on other blogging platforms. You will find this new feature on my blog now.

Let set it up right away.
1) Go to LinkWithin
2) Input your details on the site
3) Install Widget on Blogger.
4) Login to your Blogger account if necessary.
5) Select a blog if you have more than one, then click on Add Widget.

6) Drag and place the LinkWithin box under the "Blog Posts" box, preferably for best performance.
7) Click on Save.


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