15 Dec 2013

Candy Crush Hack for rooted users

Hack method: 3

How could i forget the hack of the most popular games of all times !! This however, is only for rooted users. For non-root users, you can download and use the modded Candy Crush. To know, how to root an Android phone, read my earlier post here.

Note: I won't be responsible, if you brick your phone, while trying to root. Try at your own risk.
This particular hack is by using a hack tool, and does not use any other memory hack tool like others.

Below is the pre-requisite list:
1) Phone should be rooted
2) Candy Crush Hack tool [download it from here]
3) Candy Crush game

The hack procedure is very simple, which is shown in the below video.
Should you have any queries, please comment.


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