7 Dec 2013

Hack any Android game - Method 2

Hack Method: 2

I had earlier shared shown how to hack scores/ coins of Android games using GameKiller app, read it here.
Like GameKiller, GameCIH allows you to modify variables of any program you are running.

Note: This tutorial is prepared for educational purposes only! I'm not responsible for whatever risk you take in hacking any applications.

Many gamer uses this program to change their score, coins, gold coins, high score, money, level, HP and so on. The only requirement to this simple and powerful program is that you need to be rooted. Why root? Because Android doesn't allow any program to modify other program's value directly.

You can use the same method and concept used in GameKiller earlier, however there are a few differences. Some of the reasons why I prefer GameCIH for some games are:
1) Capability to search names (eg. score, health, power etc)
2) Capability to sniff low level areas. Basically these are visual tabs (e.g. health bar, ammo bar etc.)
3) Capability to change game speed (increase/ decrease)

In today's post, we will try to hack the fish of a popular game called Air Penguin. The game basically is a Gyroscope based game, whose motions are controlled by your phones movement.Secondly the score or fish that the user earns in the game is visual and not a score that could be searched. Hence, you can understand why i chose GameCIH over other tools here.

Here are the steps, that you need to follow to hack it
1) Ensure that your phone is rooted
2) Download GameCIH from here and install it. Configure to open it using Menu button

3) Open GameCIH tool and minimize it
4) Open the Game Air Penguin

5) Go to Story mode and play to earn some fish

6) Return back to the main menu.
7) Go to Story mode again
8) Open GameCIH (using Menu button, as configured earlier)
9) Select Input Name

A) To change the score/ total fish
a.1) Type in "fish" and click Ok
a.2) A list of all memory areas with name as fish will appear

a.3) To change the number of fish, select the item _totalFish to open it.
a.4) After some wait, the input area will open up. Type a value you wish to have (here 999999999)

a.5) Get back to the game, play for a while and then get the game end (let the penguin die)
a.6) You will notice that the total fish has increased.

B) To enjoy unlimited life
b.1) Carry out steps till a.2
b.2) Select survivalContinueFish

b.3) Wait for some time and change the value to 1 and lock it (or without lock)
b.4) Exit the game directly using the menu key. Possibly kill it.
b.5) Open the game and play.

Many and many games can be hacked using GameCIH, by searching as number, low level number or names. You can even fast foward games or slow it down in your favor. So what are you thinking?
Take a chance and explore.. Should you have any problems or stuck somewhere, please comment.


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