23 Nov 2013

App that will ensure you never miss a birthday now

With a smartphone, life has become much easier and convenient. There are hundreds of applications available in the market today for almost anything. One such app is Birthdays, which will notify you using a pop-up UI on top of the screen.
So lets go ahead and see how to configure it.

Step 1: Install the application
Go to Google Play ,download Birthday application and install it.

Step 2: Integrate it with Facebook
Under settings, go to Social networks and sign into Facebook. Approve access to the application on Facebook.

Step 3: Populate birthdays
Once signed in Facebook, you can see that the birthdays have been populated in the app.
If not, select update and it will automatically pull all the birthdays

Step 4: Configure notifications
Configure how you want the notifications, how you wish to wish etc

Step 5: Create a widget on home screen
Create a shortcut widget on the home screen. The next time, ones birthday comes up..you are in for a surprise.

Step 6: Wish the birthday
When you get a notification, go to the widget and click on the user whose birthday it is.
There will be two options, of visiting  the users profile on FB or posting a birthday message directly.
So go ahead, and dont be left behind.

1) Settings
2) Notifications
3) Select the lucky perrson
4) Choose to visit or post

5) Posting a message
6) The message as posted on users wall



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