28 Nov 2013

Show your Android device screen on PC

There are times, when you wish to show the Android device screen to audience or prepare a tutorial.
One way is to use a video camera, another way is to use a JAVA based file called Droid Screen.

Using the tool/ Java file - Droid@Screen you can easily show the screen of an Android device on a computer/laptop. Perhaps if the audience is large, then you could even project the desktop using a LCD-projector. Droid@Screen is mostly used for training/teaching and demonstration purposes.

You can download the tool from here.

1) Android SDK tool
2) JAVA (JRE or JDK) version 6 or later
2) Droid Screen
3) USB Cable
4) PC

1) Install Java JRE (or JDK), version 6 or later
2) Install Android SDK
3) Run the SDK Manager and install the Platform Tools
4) Install USB drivers for your own Android device (if not done)
5) Download and install the latest version of Droid@Screen
6) Allow USB Debugging (Settings-> Developer options -> USB debugging)
7) Plug in the USB cable between your device and PC
8) Launch Droid@Screen

1) See device properties
2) Screen capture of the device
3) Video record of the device screen (continuous screenshots)
4) View Zoom in and out
5) Rotate screen etc

 Please find the below screenshots taken both of the PC while running Droid@Screen and screenshots taken by the tool itself.
Device properties

ADB Settings

The visual of the tool

View on PC

Screen record results

Screen record options

Screenshot of the device taken by the tool

Another screenshot by the tool

Add caption
Tool ADB options

View of the tool on PC


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