23 Jul 2014

Remove unwanted page from home screen in JB

In Android Jelly Bean, for some devices, you face issue while trying to remove a page in home screen. Following these steps, you can remove the unwanted page.

Hack coins in "Hill Climb Racing"

You need to have a rooted device with Freedom tool installed. Using Freedom tool, you can hack unlimited coins in "Hill Climb Racing". Check the video out.

Hack credits and money in 'Voxel Rush"

Using Freedom tool, one can buy credits and money in Voxel Rush, which I am going to show today. Basically this Freedom tool can assist in hacking any Android game to provide a free card instead of any real card which emulate the buying process.

Hack coins in "Daddy was a Thief" using Freedom tool

This is for rooted users only, with Freedom tool installed on the device. This simple hack using Freedom tool will help you get unlimited coins in the game.

Enjoy the hack, and comment in case you have any questions.

Hack keys in Subway surfer

This hack is incontinuation to my earlier video on hacking coins in Subway Surfer. If you have missed it, you may see it here. In Subway Surfer, keys are used to revive your life for one more time..the more advanced the stage, the more keys it require.

Hack "Bike Mayhem" items using Freedom

Starting a video series of games hacks that are short and self explanatory. Hope you will enjoy the first video of the hack series, using Freedom tool which can be used to buy game goodies without spending actual money.