30 Nov 2013

How to root an android phone

Everybody loves their device, and has formed an important asset in our lives. Every phone company has laid down some quality standards and protocols to ensure security and safety requirements.
Rooting the phone will give you all the privileges that your phone can do out of the box—overclocking, customizing , remove system apps etc. Lets get ahead and understand, what rooting is, understand the technical terms and how to root it.

Note: This tutorial is prepared for educational purposes and not to promote rooting nor instigate anyone. Should you consider to proceed, you take all responsibility of whatever happens to your phone. I'm not responsible for whatever risk you take in rooting or getting it bricked in the event.

29 Nov 2013

Change Whatsapp profile picture (prank)

For no reason whatsoever, WhatsApp may claim that it provides good security and does not allows you to download Pictures of your WhatsApp Contacts. But the truth is that it automatically downloads the pictures when you view them once, so that it can be launched faster next time. Exploiting this loophole, we can change the profile pictures of your contacts.

Note: This tutorial is prepared for educational purposes and meant to be used as a prank! I'm not responsible for whatever risk you may bring to the contact, or dishonoring his/ her privacy.

28 Nov 2013

Show your Android device screen on PC

There are times, when you wish to show the Android device screen to audience or prepare a tutorial.
One way is to use a video camera, another way is to use a JAVA based file called Droid Screen.

Using the tool/ Java file - Droid@Screen you can easily show the screen of an Android device on a computer/laptop. Perhaps if the audience is large, then you could even project the desktop using a LCD-projector. Droid@Screen is mostly used for training/teaching and demonstration purposes.

27 Nov 2013

Common mistakes by Android users

There are a list of commonly committed mistakes, no matter how expert one may be. They may be considered as simple steps, which are probably too small enough and hence frequently overlooked by users. Some of these steps, probably could lead you to brick your Android even.
So let me list down few of the mistakes and lessons learnt, which i have encountered myself.

Unable to connect Android phone to PC via USB

One of the most common issue one faces an Adroid user faces is unability to connect the phone via USB. There are many varied solutions given in various other forums and blogs, where some worked and some didn't. I will here, show you how to get the same resolved using simple steps.

Note: This tutorial is prepared for educational purposes only! I'm not responsible for whatever risk you take or mistake you may commit while doing so.

26 Nov 2013

Hack any Android game - Method 1

There a quite a few tools in the Android world, that can help you hack the coins/ money or scores to whatever value you want. Many of you would question if its legal, if it will hamper the phone etc and so on. So this post is basically for those who do not want to spend money on buying coins or health. The tool(s) which I am going to use require root, if you already have..you can proceed.

Note: This tutorial is prepared for educational purposes only! I'm not responsible for whatever risk you take in hacking any applications.

23 Nov 2013

App that will ensure you never miss a birthday now

With a smartphone, life has become much easier and convenient. There are hundreds of applications available in the market today for almost anything. One such app is Birthdays, which will notify you using a pop-up UI on top of the screen.

22 Nov 2013

Smudge faces on photos

There are many a times, when you would feel like hiding peoples faces from a photograph. One of the simple tool that we can use is the MS Paint, which is the one of the default image processing tool in Windows.

21 Nov 2013

Install an unsigned zip file in Android

If you have got hold of a zip file, that is unsigned and you are problems installing it, there is an easy way out.

Install an application (APK) from unknown sources in Android

By default, Android phone will not allow you to install applications (APK) downloaded from sources other than the Andorid Market or Play Store.

20 Nov 2013

Comparison of file copiers

Most of us commonly use the default Windows file copy which offers little control over file copy and transfer operations. I am sure the majority of users wouldn't care, as long as any of it does the job, however let me assure you that its only when people realize that their computers regularly freeze up while moving large number of files between disks.


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