21 Jan 2014

Candy crush Extra life tool for rooted users

This readily available tool helps user get what he wants instantaneously, without any extra effort. Unlike other tools, where you have to scratch your head to find a way to hack, deep searching through the memory areas etc, this tool readily hacks the Game.dat file directly.

Teen Patti hack for unlimited coins

This one little hack was done, in response to a request made by a colleague to increase the chips. Believe me, it was completed in flat 10 mins. This hack is like any other hacks we have performed earlier.
Disclaim: I do not promote rooting or hacking. If you choose to do so, you take full responsibility of the same.

20 Jan 2014

Real Boxing hack for improving player statistics.

This is continuation to my earlier post here on hacking Real Boxing game.

For this your phone needs to be rooted and have GameKiller installed.

19 Jan 2014

Organize your Gmail

This is one of the post, which i have lost in the transition from Blogger to Wordpress and vice versa.
The video was made in 2010, and have changed a little from what Gmail is now.

How-to Catalog your hard disc collection the easy way

If you are an avid collector of movies or songs like me; at some point in time, you will realize that managing them is really a pain in the neck. You actually don't have a reference point, where you can check and validate if you already have it or not. Here's a really quick way of having a simple list of your collections.

17 Jan 2014

Hack Android games - Method 4

Hack method 4: 

This is a different level of hack method and works on most of the Android games. If you have missed earlier hack methods (1 to 3), read them here. Like earlier hack methods, this requires a rooted phone and GameKiller tool. To learn how to root your phone, please read here.

Disclaimer: Should you choose to root your phone, do it at your own risk. I will not be responsible, in whatsoever way, in case you brick your phone in the process.
Caution:  This is an extensive step by step tutorial with lots of images. If you are using a limited data connection, you are advised to switch to a Wifi connection.

5 Jan 2014

Introduction to Formulas and Functions in Excel - Part Two

This is the second introductory part of Excel, to familiarize with Formulas and Functions in Excel. If you have missed part one, read it here. To begin with, formulas is the main backbone of a spreadsheet, without it, it would have been just a normal word-processing document. This part will introduce you to Formulas, to help you speed up with spreadsheets.

Quickly create multiple defined names at once in Excel

In the earlier example of using natural language in Excel, where we use name ranges; one has to create multiple data names for each of the location and data type. Heres a quick way to do so.
Here is a quick shortcut to create multiple data range at once.

How to quickly find rank in a data table

You might have came across various data tables, where you wish to sort data or rank them as per the performance. There is a Function called RANK, which you can use to quickly find the performance ranking.

Simplify Excel with custom defined names

Excel has hundreds of formula's available, for varied subjects and requirements. Have you ever wondered if you could work a way where you could use user friendly language to derive what you want; kind of programming your way in Excel !! Heres a way how to...

4 Jan 2014

Sum of same cell across multiple worksheets

Suppose you have 12 identical table across worksheets, for each month. And you want to take sum of each of the cells across all the worksheets. You would use mouse and keyboard to browse each of the sheets and select the cells to get this =Jan!E6+Feb!E6+Mar!E6+Apr!E6…Dec!E6
Todays post is to show you a shorter way.


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