17 Jan 2014

Hack Android games - Method 4

Hack method 4: 

This is a different level of hack method and works on most of the Android games. If you have missed earlier hack methods (1 to 3), read them here. Like earlier hack methods, this requires a rooted phone and GameKiller tool. To learn how to root your phone, please read here.

Disclaimer: Should you choose to root your phone, do it at your own risk. I will not be responsible, in whatsoever way, in case you brick your phone in the process.
Caution:  This is an extensive step by step tutorial with lots of images. If you are using a limited data connection, you are advised to switch to a Wifi connection.

Inorder to carry out this hack method, I have chosen an interesting game called Real Boxing. The first hack we are going to explore is the time hack. 

Time hack:
For this, we will head directly to the Gym, and opt for Training fight. After playing for a few seconds, open the GameKiller and search for the time. If it is 00:42 seconds, search for 42 and keep on searching the time, until you get a single value with DWB. 

Click on the value with DWB and change the value to something and select Modify and store. When you resume playing, you will see the time increased. 

Hacking the stats:

This is the main hack, we are here for. We will not be hacking the coins directly, (with which we can upgrade the statistics) but shall be manipulating the cost of the items. First of all, take up a fight with another player to earn some coins in your bank. Then head to the Gym, and click the coin option to upgrade the statistics of the player. Slide the training sliders all the way up for all the three parameters. When you use each slider, it will show you how many coins it will cost you. This is what we have to do.

1) Turn up all the 3 sliders to maximum, and write down the coin amount each one will cost.
2) Add the three amounts to get a total amount. (Refer screenshot.)
Strength costs:    40850
Stamina costs:     41000
Speed costs:        40950
Total amount:  122800

3) Open GameKiller and search the total amount, select "Auto Identify"

4) You will get THREE entries. Change all these entries to 1. 
Caution: Enter 1 and never a zero or negative number. This goes for any games. You should ensure that you have coins in your bank to spend the 1 coin. If you dont have, fight with a player and earn some coins first.

5) Minimize the GameKiller and open the game. Head back to the Gym, and opt to upgrade the player statistics by clicking on the coin icon. Make a note of the coins you currently have in your bank (500 coins) Maximize the three sliders all the way up and click "Buy" to purchase. 

You will be surprised to see that you get full skills for 1 coin with 499 coins remaining in your bank. 

With the player stats upgraded to 100%, you will really be punching harder and playing awesomely.

As I said earlier, this hack will not get you coins, but will help you buy items at minimum coins. This hack works on almost all the games i have tried hacking, using the same method. Enjoy the hack.


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