25 Nov 2010

Facebook tip – Hide status update from specific users

This is in addition to my post , Facebook tips and tricks published earlier. Today i would like to emphasize on publishing status updates to few or hide from specific users in your friend list.

Recently i have got many requests from Office friends, which i cannot ignore in a long span of time. So i did accept their friend requests, now guess what! When i publish something related to my office or work related, they pull my legs or tease me..no matter what the subject is. So it has become difficult to control what post i can publish and what not to. I have to think twice before i publish something related to work, and mostly its the senior people in work who would mind, comment or have issues in publishing something like that.

So what i have come up is to customize the way you publish a post. All you have to do is customize your privacy settings, so that the final result shows something like this below
selective users
* Names have been struck out so that the actual users do not feel bad.

Now to configure something like that, you need to follow the below steps
1) In your Facebook Page, got to Account> Privacy settings
2) Select Customize Settings

3) Edit “Posts by me”, and add the users from whom you want to hide the post from. Save the settings
add remove

4) Now when you want to publish a post, you do have the options of selecting which posts to show and which post to hide from the specific users. Before publishing the share button, select from among the options –> Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends only or Custom (with hide to specific users)
selective users

9 Nov 2010

Export file and folder contents on your PC to Excel

The simple DOS commands can do wonders, which we have forgotten with time. I was looking for a solution to list down the contents of files and folders with multiple sub-folders.

Today i got a finer solution, but it depends on your requirement too. Using the old TREE command in DOS. Heres what you have to do
1) Open Command prompt
2) Go to the path on your PC whose contents need to be listed
3) Type TREE /a > (filename).csv
4) You can type TREE/? to see the various arguments
5) Open the CSV file in Excel

9 Oct 2010

New Features in Microsoft Office 2010

Earlier I had published a small review on the look and feel of MS Office 2010. Though the detailed features and benefits can be learned from the Microsoft site itself, I will focus on some cool features that i have learnt newly and can help you optimally use the suite better.
Microsoft Word
The new Office 2010 has come up with not just enhancement in interface but brought along a lot of changes in terms of flexibility and usage. Normally in Office 2003, you would require a separate add-in to be installed for writing and publishing to blogs. In the latest version 2010, they have integrated the very option to blog right from your Office Word.
  1. Select new to create a new file
  2. Register and login to your blog site
  3. Write the blog, publish it

5 Oct 2010

Run un-trusted applications securely

Most of the time, you install a third party application and take the risk of running it on your Operating System without knowing the consequences. In most of the cases, the application may be genuine in nature and may not cause any harm to your operating system.

30 Sep 2010

Ultimate P2P client – BitTorrent 7.1

The latest version of BitTorrnet is lot more dashing and easy to use. What's more, it has, like Google and any other websites would do, have put in space for installing and using new application besides only downloading torrents. Now downloading torrents is more fun and not just a P2P downloading tool.  Lets explore some of these awesome apps that are bundled in the Torrent. I have installed a few of them.
New Apps section in BitTorrent 7.1

1) Torrent Tweet:
Lets think of a condition... you want to have the latest movie of "wall street" in Torrents, but unable to find it. What do you generally do? Wait until  someone uploads it , maybe after a week after its release, right? Well with the new version of BitTorrent, you have more options. You can interact with the users/ seeders through Twitter ! You can check who is talking about a particular film of video in twitter and just join in the conversation. What’s more, if you are one of those lucky ones, you may actually meet and get connected with someone who has the movie but not yet uploaded. Isn't that great? Now this is what I really call P2P file sharing is all about. Yeah!!
Find tweets about torrents

26 Sep 2010

How to make your blog mobile friendly

I found this interesting post while surfing on the net. Thought it would be of some help to others.
I have implemented the codes in my blog, and its working fine (except for the data speed which i had taken on my mobile)


Thanks to Bloggertricks

How to make your blog mobile friendly

I found this interesting post while surfing on the net. Thought it would be of some help to others.
I have implemented the codes in my blog, and its working fine (except for the data speed which i had taken on my mobile)


Thanks to Bloggertricks

22 Sep 2010

Kaspersky Vs Bit Defender Internet Security

My Bit Defender Internet security had been disabled because of expiry of license. So i ventured out in the local market to renew the license. However due to unavailability of Bit Defender in the local market, i was forced to buy Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. Came home, uninstalled Bit Defender with a heavy heart and installed Kaspersky.
Initially the interface was very smooth and seemed light. After updating the virus database, i ran a full scan of my computer.. The resource consumption was too high that i could not work my my laptop. I somehow managed to take some screenshots of the processes and CPU utilization (below)

19 Sep 2010

Are you getting the right pay!

DISCLAIMER: The below post is illustrated only for educational purpose. There is no harmful intention behind any of the details mentioned here. By clicking "Read more" you accept that I will not be held responsible for any privacy or copyright violations, if raised by any ,while using in your own capacity and risk.  Please respect the privacy policies mentioned in the website before going ahead.  

Download all popular apps

Has your computer crashed? Have your computer lost all applications due to a crash and need to download all over again individually? You might have faced similar situation many times, where you do not have a backup of the applications. You need to remember first which apps are required and need to be reinstalled, and then download one by one from the individual sites. Sounds hectic and time consuming?

Here's a simpler solution to that..
Try www.freenew.net/ where you can find all popular applications you require to be downloaded from the internet. It provides a single dashboard and flexibility to choose them as per your requirement.

Note: All software are downloaded from vendors' servers or trusted sources, and have been tested to ensure they are free of virus, spyware, adware and any other threats.

Disclaimer:  For licensing of each applications, (if required) you need to check with the application developers site for more details. I will not be responsible for any license violation. This site is only a feature to find the popular tools in a single dashboard, rather than downloading individual files from various locations.


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