19 Sep 2010

Are you getting the right pay!

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Ever wondered, how much other people in your functional area are earning? Even your closest colleague will not tell you his package. I bet you might have searched in Google thousand times to get hold of any single piece of data, to arrive to a quantifiable figure. Most of the people search the salary range in a particular organization and then try to derive from that range, the orgn can pay for your functional area . However since these are user data, they are never shown in the public search; the closest you can get is a range of package in a particular field or an organization. A few of the sites available provide such details in a range, which are also doubtful!

It is a simple trick, which is not known to most of the people. You may try a few of the job websites to check it out without actually registering for it. All you need to do is, instead of going to the "Job seeker" page, as you normally do, go to the Employer page or section. Look out for the part which offers (trail) searching of job seekers and enter details as per your interest.

You can search for a particular skill set, functional area or the name of the organization. However for best result, you should search by functional area of your interest. In the example below, i had searched for "project management" which yielded some results (as shown below). Parts of the images are being obstructed for privacy reasons.

Skill sets showing the CTC

Now you can have a fair idea of how much salary are people drawing in your functional area, depending on the experience or on the organization.  Since i have not included the location or organization name here, you can try on your own to have a better picture. Please respect others privacy too.


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