12 Sep 2010

How to add Contact page and other forms in Blog

Blogs have been offering multi-paged blogs for some time now. In order to create multiple pages, you need to first enable the "Pages" gadget in Blogspot.  After enabling the gadget, save the layout so that it is visible in the page elements.

To create new pages, go to "Edit pages" under posting tab.
You ca create upto 10 standalone pages in Blogspot.
Create some pages, you can change the layout later on.
For more details on making pages and changing its layout, please refer the Blogspot help page here.

Assuming that you are done creating your pages, lets move forward on creating a contact page in Blogs.
Some of the pages (if you are pondering to create) can be About, Contact, Disclaimer, Copyright/ Privacy policy, Newsletter etc.

Google has provided provision for creating pages, but have missed out on providing a contact form. Google however have not ruled it out after all. We are going to use Google Documents to create a form and then link it in the blog page.

To create a Google document form, follow the following steps:
1)    Navigate to http://docs.google.com,
2)    Click Create New and select Form (or) From Template option,

 3)   Enter form title and brief description to distinguish, then add your form fields; make some required fields, as per your convenience

4)   You can grab the embedded code under “More actions” then “Embed” option
5)    Choose HTML view, paste the embedded code in your Contact page and publish your post.
You have successfully created the contact page in your blog.

Courtesy : Mayvelous blog


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