30 Sep 2010

Ultimate P2P client – BitTorrent 7.1

The latest version of BitTorrnet is lot more dashing and easy to use. What's more, it has, like Google and any other websites would do, have put in space for installing and using new application besides only downloading torrents. Now downloading torrents is more fun and not just a P2P downloading tool.  Lets explore some of these awesome apps that are bundled in the Torrent. I have installed a few of them.
New Apps section in BitTorrent 7.1

1) Torrent Tweet:
Lets think of a condition... you want to have the latest movie of "wall street" in Torrents, but unable to find it. What do you generally do? Wait until  someone uploads it , maybe after a week after its release, right? Well with the new version of BitTorrent, you have more options. You can interact with the users/ seeders through Twitter ! You can check who is talking about a particular film of video in twitter and just join in the conversation. What’s more, if you are one of those lucky ones, you may actually meet and get connected with someone who has the movie but not yet uploaded. Isn't that great? Now this is what I really call P2P file sharing is all about. Yeah!!
Find tweets about torrents

2) Virus Guard
Many a times you find yourself in a situation where you have downloaded a fake torrent which is full of viruses and Trojans. The only wish that comes to your mind is, had not you had scanned it earlier, you would not be having such a mess! Well the new version of BitTorrent has the answer for you. It has come up with BitDefender, the world's best antivirus solution, to scan your torrents ONLINE. You basically need to start a download, it cannot search a Torrent link on its own.
Antivirus option in Torrents
 You can manually select each downloaded torrent and scan for it.Its like more of a Firewall which monitors each data packet that is incoming as well as outgoing.
Scan in action

Scanning of downloading files

 3) uMap
It is very common to see peer list on the Torrents tool, where you can see all the peer details like IP, Country, download/ upload etc. In the new version, they have gone a step farther by displaying them on a Google map. There are three basic views to see all the peers you have connected to (downloading as well as downloaded details)
View of peer list
The Client view shows the list of clients to the particular download by the type of Torrent client being used by the users while being connected at your end. Torrent clients may vary from BitTorrent, Vuze, Deluge etc.
Client type list of peers

Swarm view of peers
The swarm view lets you see the peers in form of swarms. More the number of peers in a particular area, larger will be the size of the circle shown. By this pictorial view, you can know which area contributes to a larger part of the file.
View by county provides you the number of peers – Country-wise.
Country-wise view of peers

Besides map view, you can have Satellite, hybrid or terrain view mixed with these peer views. Awesome aint’ it?

4) Other apps
There are many other apps available like free games, Clear bits that provide online free media etc. which can be explored.

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