22 Sep 2010

Kaspersky Vs Bit Defender Internet Security

My Bit Defender Internet security had been disabled because of expiry of license. So i ventured out in the local market to renew the license. However due to unavailability of Bit Defender in the local market, i was forced to buy Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. Came home, uninstalled Bit Defender with a heavy heart and installed Kaspersky.
Initially the interface was very smooth and seemed light. After updating the virus database, i ran a full scan of my computer.. The resource consumption was too high that i could not work my my laptop. I somehow managed to take some screenshots of the processes and CPU utilization (below)

Memory usage in Kaspersky !

kaspersky 2
CPU utilization while scanning with Kaspersky

kaspersky 3
CPU utilization continued(Kaspersky)

Now, in order to give a fair chance for comparison.. i installed a trial version of Bit Defender 2009 on another laptop and did the same thing. I clicked on the virus database update button and it started downloading new updates;  I also kept Microsoft updates for downloading in parallel .  I was really impressed with the memory utilization it has. Check it out below

bit defender 2
Microsoft update, Bit defender update in progress

bit defender
CPU utilization while scanning with Bit defender
Now you can decide which one suits you better. Imagine trying a product for the first time and logging a ticket for it on the very fist day.
Raised a ticket with Kaspersky
 I would love to hear from Kaspersky Lab team soon and decide on what to do with the purchase i have made already. In case i dont have much options, i will go ahead and buy the Bit Defender 2011 right away online.


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