19 Sep 2010

Download all popular apps

Has your computer crashed? Have your computer lost all applications due to a crash and need to download all over again individually? You might have faced similar situation many times, where you do not have a backup of the applications. You need to remember first which apps are required and need to be reinstalled, and then download one by one from the individual sites. Sounds hectic and time consuming?

Here's a simpler solution to that..
Try www.freenew.net/ where you can find all popular applications you require to be downloaded from the internet. It provides a single dashboard and flexibility to choose them as per your requirement.

Note: All software are downloaded from vendors' servers or trusted sources, and have been tested to ensure they are free of virus, spyware, adware and any other threats.

Disclaimer:  For licensing of each applications, (if required) you need to check with the application developers site for more details. I will not be responsible for any license violation. This site is only a feature to find the popular tools in a single dashboard, rather than downloading individual files from various locations.


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