27 Jun 2008

Building dreams

Mumbai, here I am. Dreams begin to build up, wishes begin to pile up, adrenaline rushes faster. Everyone is on the move here, everyone is in a hurry, everyone values time here. But having stayed out of home for such a long time, it isn't much hard for me to adjust. Except for the long travels for some work on the bus or train, and the humidity i love every part of Mumbai.

I have finally registered myself for an iPhone yesterday on the Vodafone site. With my first salary in hand, i just kept piling up the things i wanna buy. iPhone was one among the top list which i wanted to own, and here i am...going to get myself one soom. would love to flaunt with it ..
Another thing i have in my shopping list is Digital SLR with Lens (a very good one - to support my interest in photography). Lets keep it short till here, less i become more greedy and end up losing what i have.

26 Jun 2008

Post MBA Life

I am working in one of the second largest private Bank in India. I would say back office job, siting before the glare of desktops and attending meetings. I was in a shock today when i gave a thought about my work in the organization. A management student doing a technical work, i thought!! As of now, i am working with the "Backup Solutions Team" for HDFC Bank. along with some vendors like Symantec and Wipro . Symantec team looks after the agent installation and policy creation for the data backups on a regular basis. Wipro team looks after the technical difficulties in the process.

Today i was tired of working, following up mails after mails.....asking Symantec team to do agent installation and make policies......confirm this and that... a normal office work. I thought where has all the learinings of MBA gone? Thought of doing this and that when i was in MBA and what i was doing there at the moment! Then a person from Symantec team just told me.. "i know it must be hard for you to realize..what we have been taught in MBA and what work we are doing here. Thought of running the company and all..and where we land up eventually".

His words shocked me. I have been thinking that my work is all technical and not what i had expected for an MBA student, until i realised that the other person who was in Symantec, who has been doing the installation and all the real technical works is also an MBA !!
I guess the moral of the story is that - no matter how hard it seems to you, there is always someone who is worser than you.

10 Jun 2008

The last look or the first look?

It was about time when i had to leave Imphal for Mumbai..for my job, for a career and for some fame. When i was leaving, a sudden rush of mixed emotions came into my mind. I did not know how to react at all and smiled all my way to the aircraft. As i climbed the stairs to the aircraft, i bent down and scanned the place around to take a last look of Imphal- my hometown as if i have left it in hands of another for perpetuity.

I was about to become emotional and sad at the same time, when the air hostess wished me good afternoon. I turned around to see a nice looking air hostess and lost the emotional feeling for a while. I took a seat inside the aircraft and then thought if i was true to my emotions? was i really sentimental about my hometown or did i just blew it up on the sight of a beautiful girl? I did not have any regrets at all. So i guess it was just a distraction in my flow of thoughts.

Life in Mumbai

As i had feared, less it happen - it happened. I am posted in Mumbai now and maybe i wont get any tranfer to another place until i change my profession or job. Well its not that bad as i thought, i murmured. But the most thing i hate about Mumbai is not the traffic but the exhausting travels. It was too hot when i came for joining in Mumbai and i thought of buying an AC or a fan at least. As anticipated i preferred the fan due to less price and maintenance charges. But with time, i scrapped it too ! Now the pre-monsoons are here, showering every now and then and spoiling my dress.
I had to return home drenched and walking along the dirt of the Mumbai rains. I thought, this is too much. "Mumbai..Mumbai..kaha ka metro" i thought.

Maybe its about time. lets see what life has in store for me as i go along in future.

Old realtionships can be scary !!

I was at home for a few days before coming back to my place of work. When i was there in Imphal, i could see some changes in Imphal. Everything seemed old to me except one thing which was so uncommon. There was a black Gypsy of Commandos parked near Khagempali. It is indeed a very uncommon sight indeed. I smiled to my own surprise, recollecting the fact that my ex- girlfriend has become a DSP (Deputy Suprintendent of Police) now. My friends would make fun saying not to go in her area of operation or she may have a different thinking.

I pondered for a while and recollected that its Manipur and anything can happen here. Better not stir the emotions and come face to face with her i thought ! Funny right! I know it is. We were good friends at one time..shared thoughts, exchanged plans and did whatever it takes to be in love. Today the thoughts of confronting her makes me think of another fragile indifference of thoughts.
Life can be that strange, i realize. Life indeed. Hope to meet her someday soon though. :)


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