10 Jun 2008

Old realtionships can be scary !!

I was at home for a few days before coming back to my place of work. When i was there in Imphal, i could see some changes in Imphal. Everything seemed old to me except one thing which was so uncommon. There was a black Gypsy of Commandos parked near Khagempali. It is indeed a very uncommon sight indeed. I smiled to my own surprise, recollecting the fact that my ex- girlfriend has become a DSP (Deputy Suprintendent of Police) now. My friends would make fun saying not to go in her area of operation or she may have a different thinking.

I pondered for a while and recollected that its Manipur and anything can happen here. Better not stir the emotions and come face to face with her i thought ! Funny right! I know it is. We were good friends at one time..shared thoughts, exchanged plans and did whatever it takes to be in love. Today the thoughts of confronting her makes me think of another fragile indifference of thoughts.
Life can be that strange, i realize. Life indeed. Hope to meet her someday soon though. :)


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