26 Jun 2008

Post MBA Life

I am working in one of the second largest private Bank in India. I would say back office job, siting before the glare of desktops and attending meetings. I was in a shock today when i gave a thought about my work in the organization. A management student doing a technical work, i thought!! As of now, i am working with the "Backup Solutions Team" for HDFC Bank. along with some vendors like Symantec and Wipro . Symantec team looks after the agent installation and policy creation for the data backups on a regular basis. Wipro team looks after the technical difficulties in the process.

Today i was tired of working, following up mails after mails.....asking Symantec team to do agent installation and make policies......confirm this and that... a normal office work. I thought where has all the learinings of MBA gone? Thought of doing this and that when i was in MBA and what i was doing there at the moment! Then a person from Symantec team just told me.. "i know it must be hard for you to realize..what we have been taught in MBA and what work we are doing here. Thought of running the company and all..and where we land up eventually".

His words shocked me. I have been thinking that my work is all technical and not what i had expected for an MBA student, until i realised that the other person who was in Symantec, who has been doing the installation and all the real technical works is also an MBA !!
I guess the moral of the story is that - no matter how hard it seems to you, there is always someone who is worser than you.


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