10 Jun 2008

Life in Mumbai

As i had feared, less it happen - it happened. I am posted in Mumbai now and maybe i wont get any tranfer to another place until i change my profession or job. Well its not that bad as i thought, i murmured. But the most thing i hate about Mumbai is not the traffic but the exhausting travels. It was too hot when i came for joining in Mumbai and i thought of buying an AC or a fan at least. As anticipated i preferred the fan due to less price and maintenance charges. But with time, i scrapped it too ! Now the pre-monsoons are here, showering every now and then and spoiling my dress.
I had to return home drenched and walking along the dirt of the Mumbai rains. I thought, this is too much. "Mumbai..Mumbai..kaha ka metro" i thought.

Maybe its about time. lets see what life has in store for me as i go along in future.


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