10 Jun 2008

The last look or the first look?

It was about time when i had to leave Imphal for Mumbai..for my job, for a career and for some fame. When i was leaving, a sudden rush of mixed emotions came into my mind. I did not know how to react at all and smiled all my way to the aircraft. As i climbed the stairs to the aircraft, i bent down and scanned the place around to take a last look of Imphal- my hometown as if i have left it in hands of another for perpetuity.

I was about to become emotional and sad at the same time, when the air hostess wished me good afternoon. I turned around to see a nice looking air hostess and lost the emotional feeling for a while. I took a seat inside the aircraft and then thought if i was true to my emotions? was i really sentimental about my hometown or did i just blew it up on the sight of a beautiful girl? I did not have any regrets at all. So i guess it was just a distraction in my flow of thoughts.


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