27 Jun 2008

Building dreams

Mumbai, here I am. Dreams begin to build up, wishes begin to pile up, adrenaline rushes faster. Everyone is on the move here, everyone is in a hurry, everyone values time here. But having stayed out of home for such a long time, it isn't much hard for me to adjust. Except for the long travels for some work on the bus or train, and the humidity i love every part of Mumbai.

I have finally registered myself for an iPhone yesterday on the Vodafone site. With my first salary in hand, i just kept piling up the things i wanna buy. iPhone was one among the top list which i wanted to own, and here i am...going to get myself one soom. would love to flaunt with it ..
Another thing i have in my shopping list is Digital SLR with Lens (a very good one - to support my interest in photography). Lets keep it short till here, less i become more greedy and end up losing what i have.


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