15 Aug 2008

Price of Freedom

Today as i woke up early morning i realized that India is celebrating its 61st Independence Day. I kept thinking if we really are enjoying the freedom we are bestowed upon! Amidst the journey of life, i tend to believe that we all have to pay a price for freedom; it doesn't come for free. Zillions of images of the past came flashing through my mind, how as a child we used to be happy on knowing its a holiday for school on I Day. In Manipur, it was not just an ideal holiday, it was Bandh every year kept by the Millitants.

Years flew by, and i realized that as we age freedom becomes costlier. We have to pay a higher price for the freedom we want to enjoy today than the freedom we had in childhood days. Though the price could not be measured in terms of money or scaled by some index, we all can feel it. Today as i look back in life, i feel that the children out there should not pay the price we are paying noe from such a tender age. And i am doing my part to help them elevate their perception on freedom they enjoy.

Tagore expressed in the poem, "Where the mind is without fear" , the beauty of freedom. It gives a moral boost on reading that poem everytime. But alas, the country is heading where he had feared to tread.


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