17 Aug 2008

The Village

Life hits hard, you have to bear its blow at every step of life. When i think of all what i have left behind, back at home - friends, family, relatives, my hometown; it reminded me of the movie "The Village". Where old citizens try to save the younger ones in the woods, trying to make them live under the shadows of a giant devil. They wanted the people staying within the woods to fear the devil, so that they do not cross the other side of the wall and mingle with rest of the world. The only intention was to earn a simple living with all good things in them... and destroy thee seven sins of human being.

Life in Manipur seems to be not much different from the movie. The militants have terrorized the general public and spread terror in the area. From small things like taking taxes, demanding money in the name of a free Manipur. I really wonder what kind of freedom we will gain. As of now i believe that it has been absorbed in the system..and it will be hard to remove them. They have become a part of the system now. even if we deny the fact we may be unable to prove it technically.

When i think of my frens who were far happy to earn a days bread, i hardly try to control myself as i know that i am helpless and nothing can be done. But bit by bit, inch by inch it etches my heart and mind - to make me believe that they are used to it. I am, in my own way trying to help the people out there in my own little ways. A lotus, even if it grows amidst the dirty pond spreads it fragrance in its vicinity. Sometimes when someone asks me about Manipur, all i could say was that its a nice place and what they read in news is a media hype. What else could i tell, more than that?

Philantrophism is not enough for a good thing to start, a good act is. I do hope, many people do feel the same in some way or the other. Many people are with me, i know. Though they are a part of the system too, they know in their heart of hearts that they have to fear the giant devil as long as they have to stay in the woods.


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