19 Aug 2008

Managing around !!

Its been three months in this organization now. I have learned the basic thing to be done here - coordinating people! Though i do not know much about the technicalities involved in the job, i do fuss around coordinating various peoples from various fields. Be it Application team, Server Team, Network Team, Project Team or vendors; its the same for me. All i had to do is just follow the process framework. As long as i follow the process, i am less bound to make mistakes whether i know shit about it or not.

It thus makes a funny environment when i make silly mistakes. I have learned one thing after coming here, that you should mean what you write in the mails. Here people will make you eat your words, even if you missed a single word or unnecessarily added a word. Thats the whole business Boss. But thats cool, i now realize how much mistakes i have done while writing a blog or a mail int the groups. Lets see if my technical skills improve or my coordinating skills... rahter say managerial skills. "The boss is always right" philosophy :)


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