19 Aug 2008

The human mind

Last night I slept very late, searching for something on the internet as if all answers are on the internet. In my dreams, i saw what i have been searching for and found out many ways through which i can solve the problem. I saw different versions of my mind..running like wild - from past memories to the wilderness of future. I realized that a persons ego and pride has something to do with what one thinks and acts in life. I saw the bitter moments of my past life and i conspired against my will to fight back for the lost glory in my dreams. I saw myself conspiring against those who had done wrong to me, thinking of unfolding those hidden secrets which were long forgotten. Seemed like life was talking to me, making me think to avenge for those moments borne silently, unknown to others, for those silent tears that moistened my cheeks and those sleepless nights that were spent in silent moans.

The dream though taught me one thing, to be better and do better in life that what i am doing. Those memories will haunt me in my loneliness, it wont be long when i will be tempted to do what my mind tells me. Maybe i should stop dreaming and get onto work and try to be a better human being. That would solve all the matters, i guess.

Forget the past, forget how people treated me and all those moments which i want to forget.Life will be much better thinking about myself rather than invest time on those moments which has been a part of my past. Lifes like that. Live and let live.


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