16 Oct 2011

Sign an "unsigned" file in Android

Recently i came up with Titanium backup pro. Its such a wonderful took to take backup of your applications along with the data and settings.

15 May 2011

Creating virtual interfaces on a router

Have you ever wondered how a wi-fi hotspot in a coffee restaurant nearby works or is created? The second question is at what cost? We will come to that later on, first lets explore the possibility of creating a wi-fi access point for public use.

9 Apr 2011

Download android apps for free

In the Android market place, many apps are there for sale. You can dowload them for free.. all it takes is to setup an account. Goto http://www.4shared.com/ and register yourself on your mobile.
Search for any application , ending it with .apk

When you get a list of options, select one and add it into your account. Go back to your account ,download it  and install it..  Enjoy

Error 18 in Android

This error comes whenever an installation has failed. There are some of the reasons and background conditions which i have encountered.

Android Froyo

With the latest addition of a new mobile phone - Samsung Galaxy Ace in my list of proud possessions, I became a part of the Android Family. Earlier i used to brag about the phone a little, and show off. Now i realize that the best part of it is the Android part, which is an awesome OS. I could never have realized its true potential, had many wonderful apps were not discovered. It would not be possible to review and post every application here. I wish developers would take my idea and create an app to collate reviews written by a person at one place, so that it can be posted in a blog like this on :)

2 Feb 2011

Watch TV channels all over the world online

This is something i come to know about today..not the technology but this cool player and its network. I was amazed with the quality and speed of the videos. Please check the attached video to have a demo of the same.


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