9 Apr 2011

Error 18 in Android

This error comes whenever an installation has failed. There are some of the reasons and background conditions which i have encountered.

Case 1: Less space on the internal memory
Android by default installs apps on the internal memory and not on the SD Card. Some phones have internal memory less than 512 MB, so you have to move them to SDCARD. If you wish to change your default installation path to SD card you need to root your mobile and change it. You will find many tutorials on how to change the default location.

Case 2: Less space on the mount point in SDCARD
This is applicable to those users who have a separate partition (ext3) on the SDcard for moving apps.
Before starting to move apps on SDcard, it is recommended to create an ext3 partition on the sdcard to host these applications. I used Minitool Partition Wizard which is free and easy to use. You need to assign some space to ext3 mount point for the applications, depending on your requirement and a Linux swap area for swapping purpose. The error 18 will still come if you keep the ext3 partition runs out of space

Case 3: Due to read/ write permission issue on the SDcard
While partitioning the SDcard using the SD adapter, you might have kept the tab to read only mode. Which means that after the partition, when you use the SDcard on another device, it will have read only permission. Even if you have root previlege, you will not be able to change the mode of the file/ folder. You need to again insert the card into the card adapter and format the ext3 partition,  while keeping the tab to write mode. After partitioning, you need to open the SDcard on the PC, go to foler .android_secure and delete the file  smdl2tmp1.asec  Once done, remove the Sdcard, insert into the mobile device and take a reboot (normal one and not using other applications). Once the device is up and running, it will take some time to transfer the apps on Sdcard to ext3 partition. You can confirm that by inserting the Sdcard back into the adapter and then into pc, where you will see some significant usage of space on the ext3 partition. You will not be able to see the ext3 partition via the mobile/ emulator. 

Enjoy your Android.. :)

Disclaimer: I will howsoever, will not be responsible if you brick your mobile. Execute the steps at your own risk


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