9 Apr 2011

Android Froyo

With the latest addition of a new mobile phone - Samsung Galaxy Ace in my list of proud possessions, I became a part of the Android Family. Earlier i used to brag about the phone a little, and show off. Now i realize that the best part of it is the Android part, which is an awesome OS. I could never have realized its true potential, had many wonderful apps were not discovered. It would not be possible to review and post every application here. I wish developers would take my idea and create an app to collate reviews written by a person at one place, so that it can be posted in a blog like this on :)

It would not be fair to review games as every person has different taste. I would rather emphasize on other apps which are to be used on day to day basis. I would not completely ignore the games, but it would be less. I have some 100 applications installed on my phone (as per the program count seen on one of the apps). I am indeed happy to see the development in Android 2.2 to be able to move apps to SD rather than internal memory. Otherwise the app count would have been at max 32-34. Some of the apps which i have used before and did not like, would not be finding a place in my blog, unless for comparison purpose.
For a start, i will list down some MUST HAVE apps in Android

1) App2SD Pro
This is the main app of Android 2.2 and above phones which easily help apps installed to be moved to SD card. Though Froyo (Android 2.2) has inbuilt feature, this app provides an easy interface. Without this app, my list would not have touched 100. 

2) Layar
This is an awesome app which lets you experience augmented reality. I have tested 4-5 times, but due to 3g and battery constraints i have not fully tested it on real life experience. There is one feature where you can see mobile towers nearby and in one instance augmented reality of application reviews. It was an awesome experience

3) Barcode scanner
This tool is quite often used while downloading applications from the Android Market. Many a times i find it boring to type the URL and just use this tool to scan the QR code to get the direct link to the app. Not just apps, i have scanned the ISBN of book and searched it to the name of the book via internet. Its a handy tool.

4) Fast reboot pro
This is a totally amazing tool which i have used today itself. This app does not actually take a reboot like a PC, but flushes the apps loaded in memory, thereby releasing more memory which may be lying idle. Android though handles memory effectively, sometimes you need such tools to take things care on your own, It took me just 2-3 secs to reload all the apps

5) Goggles
As the name goes, this is an application by Google itself  with images based search and not text based. Simply put it searches something by IMAGE and not text. Click a photo with Gogggles and search it on the net. The image has to be archived on Google of course to yield any results. You cannot expect to search your signature on the internet.

6) Google sky map
Though i have never been lost or wandered in the open sky for some years not, this app helps you identify anything above you... stars, constellation, planets. you name it. If you wish to see some heavenly body, you can also search for it, the app will lead you to that heavenly body by indicating to follow the direction of the arrow the app shows. This is also augmented reality, though you dont get to see the background with camera on.

More reviews to come from the rest of the 94 apps i have plus.. many more which i have discontinued to use..
Keep watching this space


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