27 Nov 2013

Common mistakes by Android users

There are a list of commonly committed mistakes, no matter how expert one may be. They may be considered as simple steps, which are probably too small enough and hence frequently overlooked by users. Some of these steps, probably could lead you to brick your Android even.
So let me list down few of the mistakes and lessons learnt, which i have encountered myself.

Lesson 1: Understand the difference between a Nandroid restoration and ZIP file installation (rooted users). Both the terms and actions are mostly confused with one another and if interchangeably used could bring drastic changes. This happened to me a couple number of times. When I keep flashing between ROMs, i sometimes forget that i need to restore instead of choosing a zip file for installation.

I chosed "Install zip from Sdcard" and tried to open the Nandroid backup, which results in file not found error. After trying sometime, i was fooled to think that the file got corrupted and had to wipe the card (a costly affair). Thank God, a nandroid backup copy was on PC, which upon realization of the mistake, transferred and chosed to restore instead of zip install option.

CWM recovery option

Lesson 2: Revoke USB debugging authorization (Android 4.4 users)
If you accidentally clicked this option in Developer options, chances are that you will lose the rights to the USB access. You probably might require to delete the drivers and start afresh. Learn how to do that here.

Lesson 3: Never disable the FreeCore settings in Freedom tool
Never try to explore disabling the FreeCore settings in Freedom tool, it will crash.

FreeCore settings

To be updated.....


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