13 Nov 2014

Tools to conduct online classes - Part one

Have you ever thought of teaching online or reach out through online classes, but have no idea how or where to start? With a little understanding of technology and free tools available today, we can easily conduct an online class easily. Below are few of the tools and methods, with which we can reach out to the students or audience.

Disclaimer: The tools / links provided here are based entirely on my opinion /experience of usage and for educational purpose only. I do not promote usage of any tools that require and license and I shall not take any responsibility should you use them unauthorized.

  1. Video interaction tools
  2. Voice interaction tools
  3. Screen Share tools
  4. White Board tools
  5. Group Chat tools
  6. Creating Content tools 
  7. Document Annotation tools
  8. Content sharing tools 
  9. Online meeting Apps tools

1. Video Interaction tools:

1.1 Two sided interaction: 

It is one of the most important requirement for online teaching where both Teacher & students can interact with each other.

Video tools comparison

Google Hangout


Oovoo tool


Using Skype

Using Zoom

Zoom tool

PS: No login required for Meetingl [www.meetingl.com]

How to start Google Hangout:
Create a Gmail Account
Download hangout Plugins here
Go to Hangout page & click on “Start a Hangout” here
Invite people by typing their names or email ids

How to start Skype Video Chat
Download Skype for your machine
Add person by email or skype name
Start video chat

Similary for Oovoo and Zoom, you need to download and install the client.

1.2 One Sided interaction 


In this form of teaching, only the trainer can interact. It is ideal for use when there are more than 9 students.

Google Hangout on Air: It has Good quality and can be used.

You can also use following for broadcasting:
Vokle: Quality: Good
Livestream:  Quality: Good
Justin:  Quality: Average

Google Hangout on Air
It gets broadcast both on your Google+ stream and on your YouTube channel
Go to Hangout page & click on “Start a Hangout” here
Select option “Enable Hangouts on Air” and verify your account by SMS code or Voice Call
Once verification is done click “Start Broadcast”

1. Start Hangout

2. Account verification
3. Invite audience

4. Hangout on Air

2. Voice interaction: 

Voice interaction plays a very important role in teaching.

2.1 Two Sided interaction:

Voice tools comparison

PS. Speek.com has best quality with max 10 participants.

2.2 One Sided interaction 

Here, only trainer can interact (9 students )
Google Hangout on Air:  Quality: Good
Vokle  Quality: Average
Livestream:  Quality: Good
Justin:  Quality: Average

2.3 Screen sharing: 

It is important in case you are giving a demo to students using a tool which is installed on your machine Like Eclipse, Photoshop, Coraldraw etc.

3. Share Screen:

Google Hangout, Max 10 people
Zoom.us, Client based , Max 15 people
Anymeeting: , Max 200 people
Join.me:  Client based, Max 250 people

3.1 Slide Sharing, Collaboration & Annotation in real time:

Conceptboard: with Google Hangout

3.2 Meeting Applications

Meeting online

Browser based
Quality: Good
Max: 200 people

Browser based
Quality: Average
Max: 40 people

Teamviewer(Free for non commercial use):
Client based
Quality: Good
Max: 25 people

Client based
Quality: Average
Max: 250 people

3.3 White Board: 

Sometimes a white board is very very useful for online teaching. It helps in explaining figures, graphs etc. while teaching math or physics.

Client Based: 

Need to download & install software
www.baiboard.com - For iOS

Browser Based:


To be continued...


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