11 Nov 2014

Whatsapp blue tick hack

You might have noticed the recent change in WhatsApp which added another unnecessary information in the form of blue check marks, indicating that the recipient has indeed read the message.

I think it is an unwanted information in my opinion. Previously, WhatsApp has given choice to conceal the ‘last seen’ status that informs the availability of the other person [read here].

Like the other hack which i performed earlier [read here] there is a simple hack that would avoid this new feature. When one receives a message on WhatsApp, it is basically through Wi-Fi or Data connection. Whatsapp uses the same medium to notify the sender that the message has been read by changing it into blue tick marks.

For you to do the trick, let the message come and lie in your inbox, turn off the Wifi or data connection and read the message offline. The app then won’t be able to send the read information to the sender. Attached below are two cases, where there is blue tick, and another with gray one.

Whatsapp gray tick
Message with Gray tick
Whatsapp with Blue tick
Message with Blue tick

So, if you want privacy and dont want the sender to know about the read status, you just need to switch off your internet and Wi-Fi connections, and read the message offline. When you reconnect to your data or Wi-Fi, and the check marks remain grey and not blue.


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