7 Dec 2014

OnePlus One Tips & Tricks - Part Two

This is in continuation to my first part [read here]
OnePlus do continue to amaze me with each passing day. There are lot of customization, features that can be explored. Listing down some of the best ones among them.

1) Double tap to Sleep
I had covered "Double tap to wake" in part one of my post here. This one will make the phone sleep. This feature s given because tapping the power button to make it sleep can be a hassle every-time. To enable this, you can simply double tap the status bar (clock, battery) to make it sleep immediately. Go to Settings > Status Bar > Double tap to sleep.

Tap to sleep option

Another way you can do is using shortcuts. But for that you need to activate the on-screen buttons. Go to Settings > Interface > Quick launch shortcuts for 4.4.2 and Settings > Buttons > Quick launch shortcuts for 4.4.4   Once there, configure it so swiping up-to-the-left/ right from the home button closes the phone.

2) Set Profile to trigger events
Like any other Profile setting, the feature in OnePlus phone is no different. The profile can be chosen based on some NFC tags or other trigger events like Wifi or Mobile internet. Under Settings > Profiles, tap the settings icon for Home.
Profile option

Profile setting
For you to set the Home profile as a trigger point to unlock the lock screen, you need to Set Lock screen mode as disabled in the profile setting. Now at bottom you will find a geo icon, tap on it and choose the WIFI network in your home. This means that every time you turn on the wifi connect to your WIFI network at home, the phone will no longer require an unlocking procedure. You can do the same for Work. Then go to Default, tap the geo icon, and have the Default profile trigger whenever you disconnect from your home and work WIFI networks.
Select the home wifi

Note: you can do other useful things with profiles, e.g. silencing the phone at work, maxing out the volume at home, etc.

3) Face unlock
Face Unlock is probably one of the fastest and the best way of security. Surprisingly in OnePlus this works like a charm. Go to Settings > Lock screen > Screen security > Screen lock and enable it. The phone was able to recognize me in frowning, smiling, with headphones or even wearing a cap.
I have not tested it with other people, hope to do so soon.

4) Battery percent
Doesn't it look fabulous to have battery with percent displayed? To turn it on, go to Settings > Interface > Status bar > Show battery status percent for 4.4.2 and Settings > Status bar > Show battery status percent for 4.4.4
Batter in Percentage


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