15 Dec 2013

Lesser known shortcuts in Excel

I have been using lots of shortcuts in Excel, and some of them are lesser known to people.
Here's a list, so that  it could improve your productivity more.

Note: Plus sign used here mean "and/ along with" and not the "+" operator

1. To recalculate formulas, press (F9)
2. To see formulas in the worksheet, press (ctrl+~)
3. To format a number as currency, press (ctrl+shift+4)
4. To apply outline border around selected cells, press (ctrl+shift+7)
5. To copy value from above cell, press (ctrl+’)
6. To format current cell with comma formats, press (ctrl+shift+1)
7. To format any selected object, press (ctrl+1)
8. To insert current date, press (ctrl+;)
9. To insert current time, press (ctrl+shift+;)
10. To repeat last action, press (F4)
11. To edit a cell comment, press ((shift + F2)
12. To autosum selected cells, press (alt + =)
13. To see the suggest drop-down in a cell, press (alt + down arrow)
14. To enter multiple lines in a cell, press (alt+enter)
15. To go to the next worksheet, press (ctrl+shift+pg down)
16. To go to the previous worksheet, press (ctrl+shift+pg up)


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